In Lords of the Fallen, players often seek ways to respec, or reallocate, their character’s skill points to experiment with different builds, optimize their combat strategy, or adjust to new weapons and magic spells they acquire throughout the game. The process of respeccing in “Lords of the Fallen” is not immediately apparent and involves specific steps and conditions. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to respec in the game, the prerequisites for doing so, and additional tips for effectively managing your character’s build.


Respec, short for re-specialization, is a feature in “Lords of the Fallen” that allows players to reset their character’s skill points and reallocate them differently. This feature is particularly useful if you find that your current build is not working as effectively as you hoped in combat, or if you want to experiment with different skills and abilities.

Prerequisites for Respec

  1. Accessing Skyrest Bridge: Before you can respec, you need to reach the game’s main hub area, Skyrest Bridge. This area becomes accessible after you defeat Pieta, the first significant boss in the game. Once defeated, Pieta becomes an ally and plays a crucial role in the respec process.
  2. Obtaining Rebirth Chrysalis: To respec your character, you require a special item known as the Rebirth Chrysalis. This item is essential for the respec process and can be acquired from a vendor named Molhu, located in the Umbral version of Skyrest Bridge. Molhu sells the Rebirth Chrysalis for 8,000 vigor, which is a substantial amount, especially early in the game. It’s important to note that each Rebirth Chrysalis allows for a single respec, so you’ll need to purchase additional ones if you plan to respec multiple times.

How To Respect In Lords of the Fallen

  1. Visit Molhu in the Umbral Realm: From Skyrest Bridge, transition to the Umbral Realm and locate Molhu. He is found up the stairs closest to Pieta and sells various items, including the Rebirth Chrysalis.
  2. Purchase a Rebirth Chrysalis: Acquire a Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu. Ensure you have enough vigor to make the purchase, as each chrysalis costs 8,000 vigor.
  3. Return to Pieta: With the Rebirth Chrysalis in your possession, go back to Pieta. She will use the chrysalis to reset your skill points, allowing you to reallocate them as you see fit.

Additional Tips

If you’re short on vigor, consider farming it. A good spot for this is in Pilgrim’s Perch. Teleport to the Vestige of Blind Agatha in the Bellroom, where you can bait an Ardent Penitent into charging off a ledge, instantly defeating them and earning you approximately 600 vigor with minimal effort.

Respec is not something to be taken lightly, given the cost associated with it. Be strategic about when and why you’re choosing to respec. Whether it’s to adapt to a new weapon’s requirements, to better face a challenging boss, or to try out a build you believe will be more effective, ensure the decision is well-considered.

“Lords of the Fallen” encourages exploration and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try new builds and strategies, especially as you get further into the game and understand the mechanics better. However, remember the cost of respec and try to plan accordingly.

There’s a feature where, once a certain tier has been reached through overall community contributions, you can buy as many Rebirth Chrysalis as you want from the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in the Umbral, near where Molhu is. However, they cost 250 Plucked Eyeballs each, which is quite hefty.