In Lords of the Fallen Vestige Seeds hold a unique and strategic importance. These rare items, scattered throughout the game, are instrumental in creating Vestige sites, which serve as crucial rest points for players during their arduous journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find and utilize Vestige Seeds in Lords of the Fallen.


What Are Vestige Seeds?

Vestige Seeds are rare collectibles that players can find during their exploration of the game. They are used at Umbral flowerbeds to create new Vestige sites, which are essentially checkpoints. Once a Vestige Seed is planted, a new Vestige site is formed, allowing players to rest, level up, warp, and replenish their healing items. It also becomes a respawn point if the player dies, making strategic placement crucial.

How And Where To Find Vestige Seeds In Lords of the Fallen

These seeds are occasionally found in rare loot drops throughout the game. Defeating mini-bosses can also yield Vestige Seeds. Certain vendors within the game sell Vestige Seeds in exchange for Vigor, the game’s currency. Players should explore each area thoroughly to maximize their chances of finding these seeds.

Note: Get the best weapons and upgrades from the Blacksmith to expedite Vestiges Farming in Lords of the Fallen.

How To Use Vestige Seeds

Players need to use their lantern to scan the area for Umbral flowerbeds, where the seeds can be planted. The lantern’s UI will flash blue, indicating a flowerbed is nearby. Strategic use of these seeds is essential. Players should consider planting them before challenging boss fights or in areas where the journey back to the last Vestige is perilous. It’s important to note that Vestige Seeds are limited, and once a Vestige site is created, it’s permanent. Players should avoid wasting seeds on areas where they’re not particularly needed.

  • Always keep at least one Vestige Seed in your inventory for unexpected challenges.
  • Evaluate the need for a new Vestige site carefully, considering the difficulty of upcoming areas and the distance to the nearest existing Vestige.
  • Remember, the seeds are not just for difficult areas; they can also be strategically used to create shortcuts or save time.