Lords of the Fallen players face the challenge of limited healing resources, a common trait in soulslike games. This guide provides comprehensive strategies for obtaining more healing items, ensuring longer survival against the formidable foes encountered throughout the game.


All Healing Methods

  1. Radiance Magic: Initially, this is mainly accessible to players who begin as the Preacher or Hallowed Knight classes.
  2. Briostones: These items, available in various forms, provide healing over time. They can be purchased or looted from adversaries but offer less potent healing compared to the Sanguinarix.
  3. Sanguinarix: The primary healing resource, these holy crosses are imbued with the curative blood of the Hallowed Sentinel, Pieta. Players start with three and must progress in the game to enhance their

How To Get More Healing Items

To get more healing items, players must seek out these rare items. They’re hidden throughout the game, demanding thorough exploration rather than being mere spoils from vanquished bosses. After defeating Pieta in battle, players free her from corruption, unlocking access to Skyrest Bridge.

Here, in the bastion of the Hallowed Sentinels, Pieta awaits to the left of the central Vestige. She is pivotal in utilizing Saintly Quintessences to augment the Sanguinarix’s healing powers.

Not all Saintly Quintessences are created equal. While some enhance the quantity of Sanguinarix you can carry, others increase the amount of healing they deliver. They alternate in benefits, so players should temper expectations of consistently increasing their healing count.

Alternative Healing Methods

  • Consuming Briostone: Though less effective, Briostones are plentiful and can provide crucial healing in emergencies.
  • Attacking While Withered: Engaging in combat can restore “Withered” health, encouraging an aggressive playstyle.
  • Resting at Vestiges: These checkpoints not only save progress but also rejuvenate health and replenish items like Sanguinarix.
  • Using Incantations: Players can discover spells that restore health, adding a strategic layer to combat.
  • Umbral Realm Resurrection: Dying in the normal world respawns the player in the Umbral Plane with full health, albeit half is Withered. This method is risky, as a subsequent death is permanent.