In the dark, challenging corridors of “Lords of the Fallen,” players encounter a variety of formidable foes, each presenting unique battles and rewards. Among these adversaries stands Gentle Gaverus, known ominously as the Mistress of Hounds. This boss battle tests every ounce of a player’s skill, patience, and strategic thinking, as Gaverus isn’t just a threat herself, but she also commands a pack of relentless hounds that can easily overwhelm the unprepared.


Gentle Gaverus distinguishes herself from other bosses with her elusive combat style and her ability to manage the battlefield with her canine companions. Her fight is not just about strong attacks but also about crowd control, awareness, and understanding the right moment to strike.

This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to turn this intimidating encounter into a triumphant victory, paving your way through the harrowing journey that “Lords of the Fallen” has in store for you.

Gear Up: Your choice of gear can significantly impact the battle’s outcome. Opt for armor that balances mobility and defense. You need to move quickly to avoid her attacks and manage the hounds, but you also need enough defense to withstand hits when they come. A weapon with a fast attack speed can help deal with the hounds quicker, though you’ll want something stronger to deal significant damage to Gaverus herself.

Location and Checkpoints: Gaverus awaits in her lair, a location that she knows well and uses to her advantage. Before entering, ensure you’ve activated the nearest checkpoint. This battle might take several attempts, and a nearby respawn point will save much time.

Pre-Battle Preparations: Before you step into Gaverus’s domain, take a moment to review your potions. Health items are a given, but consider bringing some that boost your attack speed or damage output.

Understanding Gentle Gaverus’ Attacks

Knowledge is power, and in no place is this truer than in your battle with Gentle Gaverus. Her attack patterns are distinct, and learning them is the key to your victory.

Main Attacks: Gaverus likes to play at long-range with her bow so your goal should be to pin her against the wall so she can’t create distance between the two of you. Land a few hits and wait for her smoke bomb which she uses to runaway. Repeat the process!

Hound Management: The Mistress of Hounds lives up to her name. Throughout the fight, she’ll call upon her hounds to join the fray. These creatures are fast and relentless, but they’re not particularly sturdy. They will try to flank you, working in tandem with Gaverus’s strikes, so be wary of being surrounded.

Special Attack: Occasionally, Gaverus will emit a commanding howl. This is not just for show — the howl boosts her hounds, making them more aggressive and resilient. It’s crucial to recognize this cue and respond accordingly.

Understanding these patterns gives you the foresight needed to anticipate her moves rather than just reacting to them. This battle is as much mental as it is physical.

How To Beat Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds Boss Fight

Defeating Gentle Gaverus requires more than understanding her attacks; you need a solid strategy to counter her moves and gain the upper hand.

Don’t ignore the pesky hound creatures; they’re there to distract and overwhelm. Use sweeping attacks or spells to deal with them efficiently. However, don’t get too focused on the hounds; Gaverus won’t hesitate to take advantage of your distraction.

Stay mobile. This arena is Gaverus’s home turf, and standing still makes you an easy target. Use the space to your advantage, leading the hounds into positions where you can hit multiple foes with a single swing.

This is a battle of attrition. Don’t get carried away with a flurry of attacks, or you’ll deplete your stamina, leaving you defenseless. Strike a balance between offense and defense.

Watch Gaverus closely. After you’ve dealt enough damage, she’ll become visibly fatigued, moving more slowly and attacking less frequently. This is your cue to ramp up the aggression.

Wait for her to finish an attack sequence, as she’s most vulnerable then. If she lunges and you dodge, she’ll need a moment to recover — that’s your moment. If she’s calling in more hounds, she’s open to attack.

Keep her pinned against a wall for most of the boss fight, land a few hits each time, and Gentle Gaverus will fall.