The Yule festival is here and it brings a bunch of festive activities with it, including some quests. One such quest includes some trekking and delivering sweets to different areas. In this guide, we’ll walk you through on how to complete the quest of the stolen sweet in Lord of the Rings Online.


Lord of the Rings Online: How to Complete the Stolen Sweets Quest

The Stolen Sweets quest in LOTRO mainly consists of 6 objectives; picking up 6 items (Fruit Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Gingerbread, Peppermint Treats, Plum Pudding, and Flask of Wassail) from different areas and in the end, deliver them back to the winter home. These sweet items can be obtained as loot dropped by defeating different creatures. The creatures which drop the sweets in question and the areas in which you can find the area as follows:

Fruit Cake

You have a high chance of finding fruit cake in Forochel and Ered Luin. The creatures that drop fruit cakes are mainly Wildcats in Eren Luin and Aurochs, Winter-Tusks in Forochel.


Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns can be found mainly in 3 areas; Sarnur, the Misty Mountains and Thror’s coomb. The creatures packing this sweet are the Snow Beasts in Sarnur and the Misty Mountains plus the Gwibers in Thror’s Coomb.


Gingerbread is available in Forochel and the Misty Mountains, and the creatures that can drop it are Bears mainly.


Peppermint Treats

You can get your hands on some Peppermint Treats by defeating Giants in Thror’s Coomb and the Misty Mountains plus the Icebound Reavers in Wildermore.

Plum Pudding

Only the Grims drop Plum Puddings and you can easily find them in Redhorn Snowfall and Forochel.


Flask of Wassail

You can obtain Flask of Wassail by hunting Snowbeasts in Redhorn Snowfall and the Bale-pine in Wildermore.

Once you’ve collected all 6 of the above-mentioned sweets, you can then trek your way back to the Winter-home to complete the quest. Also, make sure that you’re at least level 44 before setting out on the quest because you will encounter some creatures that’ll give you a hard time if you’re not high enough.

And that’s about everything you need to know on how to complete the stolen sweets quest in Lord of the Rings Online.