Scrap metal and Stable Metal are resources in Loop Hero that players will rarely get. Stable Metal is very important for some upgrades at the camp. In this Loop Hero guide, we will help players with how to get Scrap metal and Stable metal.

How To Get Scrap Metal And Stable Metal

As I mentioned above, Scrap metal is quite rare and combining 13 pieces of Scrap Metal will make a Stable Metal. This means players are dependant on the Scrap metal to get Stable Metal.

One way to get Scrap Metal is by placing the Treasury Card and then placing Meadows and Rock cards around it. This will allow players to unlock hidden items inside it. Doing this will give players a steady supply of Scrap Metal which players can use to make Stable metal in Loop Hero.

However, players can’t place anything around Treasury card. Players need to make sure they don’t attach the Treasury card to the side of the map. As the player earns Meadow, Rock, and Mountain cards, place them around the Treasury card. Players can fill the four sides and four corners. This will surround the Treasury card with eight cards. It’s time-consuming but, it’s worth the effort.

For every tile the player places around the Treasury, it’ll give players a random resource and scrap metal can be one of them. Once players have placed cards around Treasury, players receive a lot of resources from every tile that touches treasury. Doing this will net you a lot of Scrap Metal.

Another way to get Scrap Metal in the game is by having too many items in your inventory. When players beat an enemy in Loop Hero to turn a new item, the last item in the inventory slot will become scrap metal. Again, combining 13 pieces of the SCrap metal will make a Stable Metal.

That is all for our Loop Hero Guide on how to get Scrap metal and Stable metal. For more on the game, also see our How To Unlock Rogue Class Guide, how to unlock Necromancer, best cards, how to beat Lich, best traits, and How to Fight Bosses, Tile combos.

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