How To Unlock Rogue Class In Loop Hero

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Loop Hero isn’t like any traditional RPG and has brought some unique game mechanics. Players have the choice to play the game with a class of character they want and the Rogue class is one of them. In this Loop Hero guide, we will help players with how to unlock the Rogue class.

How To Unlock Rogue Class

Rogue class in Loop Hero is very useful as it’s more agile capable of inflicting more damage. In order to unlock the Rogue class in Loop Hero players need to make some upgrades for their camp. The first upgrade players need is the Field Kitchen which the players can build right after the tutorial. Players need to following resources to construct Field Kitchen.

Persevered Wood x 3
Persevered Stone x 2
Food supply x 1

Players will get the Food Supply right after the tutorial at the camp. Wood and stone can be acquired by using Grove, Meadow, and Mountain cards during loops. Constructing the Kitchen will allow players to build the Refuge. The following resources are required to construct the Refuge.

Persevered Wood x 12
Persevered Stone x 2
Stable metal x 4
Food supplies x 7

Once players construct the Refuge, players can choose to play as The Rogue right before starting the next loop.

That is all for our Loop Hero guide on how to unlock the Rogue class. For more on the game, also see our Best Cards, Necromancer class unlock, Rogue Class unlock, How To Make Mountain Peak Guide, and How To Use Potions And Get Healing Potions.

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