Loop Hero Resources Guide: Where to Find, Locations, How to Get

Loop Hero resources guide with locations

As a Loop Hero player, you will need resources from time to time, especially when you are trying to build and upgrade buildings. In this guide, you will find all the resources you need, details on where to find them with locations, and more.

Loop Hero Resources Locations: Where to Find Resources

Your progress in Loop Hero relies on what you do to farm resources but for that to happen you need to know what resources are in the game and what they often transform into. Some of the resources in the game are tried to their specific tiles or tile combinations.

Some resources you get by luck while others require extensive farming. You can dedicate runs to get rare resources but going after rare resources isn’t easy.

Stable Branches

Stable Branches are one of the easiest resources to get in Loop Hero. Simply pass through Grove tiles to get the Stable Branches.

Stable Wood

You get Stable Wood by getting 12x Stable Branches. Meanwhile, Stable Branches are earned by walking through Grove Tiles.

Preserved Pebbles

You can get your hands on Preserved Pebbles by placing Rock and Mountain tiles or going through a Cemetary Tile. Create a Mountain Peak to earn a big amount of Preserved Pebbles.

Preserved Rock

If you manage to get 10x Preserved Pebbles you can then earn Preserved Rock.

Scrap Metal

The easiest way to earn Scrap Metal is by overflowing your inventory with weapons and armor. However, you can earn this resource by placing Meadow and Rock cards adjacent to a Treasury.

Stable Metal

Earn 13x Scrap Metal in Loop Hero to get Stable Metal.

Noticeable Change

Noticeable Change is acquired by using any tile altering combo. For example, use Meadows besides Rocks to build Blooming Meadows.


To get Metamorphosis you need to earn 20x Noticeable Change.

Memory Fragments

Overflow the card deck or build a Cemetery at camp and place the Cemetery tile on the loop.

Book of Memories

To get Book of Memories you need to earn 10x Memory Fragments in Loop Hero.

Astral Orbs

Beat Mage and Cosmic type enemies at Dark Slimes. You can create Dark Slimes by destroying a Goblin camp when a Goblin is on the tile.

Orb of Unity

Beat Liquid or Swarm-type enemies to get the Orb of Unity. These are common enemies in the game, basically any Slimes you see.

Orb of Immortality

Beat chapter bosses to earn Orb of Immortality. One of the bosses is Lich, here’s a detailed guide on how to beat it.

Orb of Afterlife

Get 10x Pitiful Remains to earn the Orb of Afterlife. You can get the Pitiful Remains from Vampires and Undead enemies.

Orb of Expansion

Kill more than 4 monsters during a single fight to earn an Orb of Expansion in Hero Loop.

Orb of Crafts

Beat Artificial and Object type enemies to get the Orb of Crafts. Battlefield Chests can be used to farm this orb.

Orb of Evolution

Beat Living or Plant types enemies to earn an Orb of Evolution. You can go after Bandits to farm the Orb of Evolution.

And that’s all you need to know on how to get all resources in Loop Hero. Need more help? Visit traits, unlock Necromancer class, unlock Rogue class, how to fight bosses.

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