How To Make Mountain Peak In Loop Hero

Loop Hero Mountain Peak Guide, Loop Hero Rogue Class

Loop Hero is an interesting game that requires players to build loops in order to get resources and upgrade their camp. Making a mountain peak is an effective way to speed up the process. In this Loop Hero Guide, we will help players with how to make a mountain peak.

How To Make Mountain Peak

It’s recommended that players build a mountain peak in their loop as soon as possible and building one is very easy. Just group together nine tiles of rocks or mountains in a 3×3 grid and it’ll turn into a mountain peak.

Mountain peak gives players a significant 150 point bonus to health and players will gain five more points to health every time they use another mountain or rock tile adjacent to it. However, players can only build one mountain peak per loop.

Furthermore, Mountain peak is the only way to spawn Harpies which can be very useful. Harpies aren’t very tough but they do drop decent loop and the experience boost gained is higher compared to other slime enemies. However, they spawn on a random tile every two days so, players can’t build their loops around them.

That is all for our Loop Hero guide on how to make mountain peak in the loop. For more on the game, also see How To Use Potions And Get Healing Potions and How to Build and Upgrade Buildings.

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