How to Build and Upgrade Buildings in Loop Hero

How to Build and Upgrade Buildins in Loop Hero | Loop Hero Summon Quality Guide

During the course of their expeditions, players will come across a whole bunch of resources. Once obtained, players will be able to use these resources to further enhance their camps with a range of buildings such as a cemetery, campfire, bridge, and many others. These buildings, when built, will offer players different effects, cards, traits, and even additional classes. On top of that, these buildings can also be upgraded for improved effects. To get started with constructing buildings, players need to open up the ‘Building Menu’. In this Loop Hero guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about all the buildings and how to upgrade them.

Loop Hero Buildings – Build and Upgrade

While the demo only had six buildings, there are a lot more in the final release. The following is a complete list of all the buildings that players can build and upgrade in Loop Hero. Before we begin though, do note that the guide is currently being updated – we’ll add more info. in the coming days:

Alchemist’s Tent TBA.
Bridge TBA.
Campfire Usually built after a first loop, it replenishes 20% HP and enemies don’t come anywhere close to it.
Cemetery TBA.
Crypt TBA.
Farm It unlocks the Wheat Fields card, ability to craft food items, and grants +1 ration for every completed loop.
Field Kitchen TBA.
Forest TBA.
Gymnasium It unlocks the Village card and the ability to gain “Special Traits” after killing monsters in expeditions.
Herbalist’s Hut TBA.
Intel Center TBA.
Library TBA.
Lumberjack TBA.
Mud Hut TBA.
Refuge TBA.
River TBA.
Smelter TBA.
Supply Depot TBA.
War Camp TBA.
Warehouse TBA.
Watchtower TBA.

How to Upgrade Buildings

Upgrading buildings in Loop Hero is as simple as it can get. But even then, it can get a little confusing since the game doesn’t exactly tell players how to do that. After the initial loop, players can return to the base and go through a brief tutorial on how the building aspect of the game works. But what about upgrades?

In order to upgrade a building in Loop Hero, the first thing that players will need is a good number of required resources. With enough resources at hand, all that the players need to do is to select the building that they wish to upgrade and check the right-side menu. There should be a couple of options there. Players can either completely demolish the building or upgrade it – as simple as that. But as mentioned earlier, players will need to gather a whole bunch of resources before they’re able to upgrade a building at the home base let alone all of them.

That’s all we’ve got in how to upgrade buildings in Loop Hero. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Loop Hero wiki guides for more content including best cards, how to fight bosses, how to beat Lich, where to find scrap metal, resources, how to get Orbs.

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