Loop Hero is a pretty complex game and if you are new to the genre then it might seem a bit overwhelming. In this Loop Hero guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that are going to help you win and get started.

Loop Hero Tips And Tricks

The following are some Loop Hero tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

How To Break The Loop

There are three ways in which you can get out of the loop and get to your base. Firstly, you can use the camp tile that is at the end of the loop. Use the leave button on the right of the screen. This will allow you to keep the items that you have selected.

At any point during the loop, you can use the leave button and keep 60% of the items that you have selected. Finally, when you die the allies will come and get you but you only keep 30% of your items.

Right- Click To Buy Time

Fighting in Loop Hero is automatic but you can right-click to get into Planning mode. This will give you time to check your cards and gear. Press right-click again in order to get back to the action.

Changing Your Game Mid-Game

If you are fighting and find some good loot then you can equip it right away and do not need to wait until the end of the battle.

Resource Cards Effect Character Stats

The resource cards that you use are going to affect the stats of your character. Every meadow card is going to heal you by 2 HP every day. Mountain cars will provide 5 HP to your max health for every adjacent mountain or rock.

Rewards From Completed Treasuries Scale

Rewards from the treasuries that you have completed scale according to loop level. So placing all but one resource card around it and waiting to drop the last one just before leaving the loop is a great method of getting better resources.

You Can Ditch Boss Fights

You can hit retreat on the camp tile and leave the boss without losing a lot of resources. You will need to beat the boss at some point but this means that you can come back when you are ready.

Save Oblivion Cards

Oblivion cards can be used to remove boss structures. You should save these for the boss to show up. Removing their structures is going to weaken them and make the encounter easier.

Bosses Spawn On Camp Tile

While you are in the loop, bosses are going to spawn around the camp tile and will build their structures. You can build your own structures instead to keep that from happening.

Place Battlefields At Loop Starts

You can place battlefields at the start of the loops in order to spawn loot chests. The drops are related to the loop level.

These are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Loop Hero. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get all orbs. You can also check out our resources guide. For more information regarding the game, you can check out our Loop Hero guides hub.

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