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Horses in Skyrim play a vital role. To use wild horses in Skyrim, players had to buy these, which was not a very convenient method. But recently, with the anniversary edition released, they are available for the players. In Skyrim, a total of Eight wild horses which you can tame.; one is a unicorn. You have to play a separate quest for that. In this guide, Location of Skyrim wild horses, we will discuss where you can find the map and horse’s locations in detail.

Skyrim Wild Horses Locations

First, you need to acquire a map from any stablemaster or shop owner. After having the map, you can see the location highlighted by the red cross on the map. But these locations are approximate and not accurate.

Location #1 (Black Horse)


Move towards the northwest part where Black Horse is, close to Falkreath, the exterior side of Evergreen Cove.

Location #2 (Red Horse)

This Red Horse is in the northern field close to Whiterun.

Location #3 (Dappled Brown horse)


Move towards the south side of the city close to Dragon Mound to find this Dappled Brown horse.

Location #4 (Chestnut)

 This horse, Chestnut, is located towards the east spat of the village, close to helgen in the mountains.

Location #5 (Spotted Grey horse)


You can find this Spotted Grey horse north of Salvuis farm close to Markarth in the mountains.

Location #6 (Spotted white horse)

You can locate this Spotted white horse in the north of Riften in the vicinity of Stone Creeky Cave.

Location #7 (Plae Mare)

The location of this Plae Mare is outside the city of Yngol Barrow. Move towards the northeast side; you will find Plae Mare horse close to Windhelm.

Location #8 (The Unicorn) 

A unicorn is a unique horse in Skyrim not available in the wild. To get control of the unicorn, you have to play a quest, Creature of Legend. The Quest to find unicorn starts by reading a journal written by Soran placed on Urag’s table. Unicorn’s location is marked when the Quest begins, and it is in the west part of Lost Prospect Mine.

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