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Like a Dragon Ishin: Where to Find All Memoir Locations

Like a Dragon Ishin Memoirs Locations Guide: Uncover Every Memoir in the Captain and the Curious Substory


Welcome to our comprehensive guide titled Memoirs Locations, your ultimate resource for uncovering the hidden memoirs scattered throughout the captivating world of Like a Dragon: Ishin. In the Captain and the Curious substory, Ryoma is tasked with unearthing Ernest Satow’s memoirs.

Besides delving into the intriguing Captain and the Curious substory, you’ll also get the exact locations of each memoir in this guide. Follow our step-by-step instructions and you’ll effortlessly navigate the game’s expansive world in search of these elusive memoirs. So, prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as you unravel the mysteries of Like a Dragon Ishin’s memoir locations.

All Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoirs in Like a Dragon Ishin don’t really have any gameplay benefit. They only help you complete the Captain and Curious substory and act as a form of collectible in Ishin. To find all memoirs you first need to start the substory by speaking with Ernest Satow at the Umai Udon restaurant in the Fushimi area of Kyo.

Captain and the Curious Substory location on the game's map
Captain and the Curious Substory location on the game’s map.

Summary of the Captain and the Curious Substory

Reward: Writings of an Amateur Historian, 300 Virtue

The Captain and the Curious substory unfolds as Ryoma befriends Satow, a seemingly ordinary drinking companion. As the two enjoy their time together, Satow decides to explore another bar in Rakugai. En route to their next destination, the duo encounters a furious individual who appears determined to eliminate Satow. Ryoma steps in to defend his new friend in a 1v1 battle, ultimately ensuring Satow’s safety. Though the substory concludes at this point, players now have the opportunity to embark on an adventure to locate the scattered memoirs throughout the game world.

All Rakugai Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon to Ishin

Memoir #1: Discover this memoir location on East Umekojicho road, situated right on the ground outside the entrance to the local training grounds.

Memoir #2: Complete ‘The Mysterious Merchant’ substory, which begins at the small shack on West Umekojicho, in order to uncover this Like a Dragon Ishin memoir. Bring the man 10 tomatoes to finish the substory, and the memoir will appear.

Memoir #3: Start by completing the ‘Who’s Entertaining Who?’ substory, initiated by talking to the woman outside Shikokuya inn. As soon as you finish the humorous and lengthy substory, the memoir will materialize.

Memoir #4: Locate this memoir on North Umekojicho, along the side of the street running north from both the Shady and Creepy Bars.

Memoir #5: Complete Chapter 13 and progress to the Finale Chapter to find this memoir. The memoir awaits you right outside the Gambling Den.

Memoir #6: Take the lower of the two bridges at the eastern edge of the map, leading to Kiyomizu Temple. In Bakamatsu Premium Adventure mode, after clearing the Finale, you’ll find the memoir on the ground in front of the giant doors.

All Rakunai Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoir #1: In Like a Dragon Ishin, this memoir is located along Shijo Bridge, which connects central Kyo and Gion.

Memoir #2: Uncover this memoir location on the small Teramachi road, just south of the main road in Rakunai.

Memoir #3: There’s a Like a Dragon Ishin memoir on Teramachi street, north of Rakunai’s main road, between the shrine and the shop.

Memoir #4: Discover this memoir location on Karasuma Street, situated in the middle of the horizontal section of the road, immediately to the left of the Satsuma compound gates.

Memoir #5: Start and complete the ‘Talkin’ Tosa’ substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin, which begins at the northeasternmost point on Kawaramachi street below. The memoir will appear upon completing the substory.

All Mukurogai Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoir #1: Find this memoir near the river bank in Mukurogai’s easternmost part, on the ground near the local shrine.

Memoir #2: You’ll find this memoir at the edge of the pier beside the professor in the same Mukurogai area as the previous one.

Memoir #3: As soon as you enter the gate via the guard, complete the Friendship meter with the Trash Dealer in the northwestern corner of Mukurogai. Once you’ve fully befriended the eccentric character, the memoir will appear next to where he was.

All Fushimi Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoir #1: Discover the first Like a Dragon Ishin memoir along Kuramachi street, situated near the Shrine in Fushimi, simply lying on the ground.

Memoir #2: It’s on the eastern side of South Fushimi Ichibangai, the southernmost road in Fushimi, where you can find the Memoir.

Memoir #3: Go to your Another Life house via the boatman south of Fushimi to find this memoir. You need to complete ‘Hope Blossoms Again’, adopt a dog, and buy the chicken coop upgrade. You will find the memoir near the cherry blossom tree.

Memoir #4: Immediately to the left of Umai Udon, the restaurant next to where you met Ernest Satow, you can find the Memoir on the ground on a set of stairs.

Memoir #5: This Memoir can only be found at night in Shimachi, just outside Teradaya Inn.

Memoir #6: You’ll find this Memoir after finishing Chapter 12 of Like a Dragon: Ishin. You can find this Memoir on the upper floor of the Teradaya inn once you’re done.

Memoir #7: You’ll need to finish every other substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin to find this Memoir. This doesn’t include main missions, so you don’t have to finish the main story to get the Memoir, which Satow hands out when you finish the last substory.

All Gion Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoir #1: Uncover this Like a Dragon Ishin memoir in the northernmost area of Gion, situated along the same stretch of road as the palanquin bearers and the brothel.

Memoir location #2 in Gion
Memoir location #2

Memoir #2: Discover this memoir location in Gion by visiting the spot shown in the image above, nestled between the three inns and the large restaurant.

All Mibu Memoir Locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Memoir #1: This Memoir is right outside the Shinsengumi HQ entrance on the ground to the right of the entrance.

Mibu Memoir #2

Memoir #2: Visit Mibu at the location shown in the image, along the horizontal road south of Shinsengumi Barracks, to find this Memoir. When you collect all the Memoirs above, you’ll have completed this aspect of Like a Dragon: Ishin.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Memoirs

Familiarize yourself with the game world: Understanding the layout of the game world and its various regions will help you navigate more easily, enabling you to find memoirs faster.

Use the map and waypoints: The in-game map can be a valuable tool for tracking down memoirs. Utilize waypoints to mark the locations of memoirs you’ve discovered or read about, so you can easily return to them later.

Complete substories: Many memoirs are tied to the completion of substories. Prioritize these quests as you progress through the game, as they often unlock new memoir locations. Substories also help you farm Virtue in Like a Dragon Ishin.

Check your progress: Regularly consult your memoir collection in the menu to see which ones you have already found and which are still missing. This will help you focus your search and avoid revisiting locations where you’ve already collected memoirs.

Explore during day and night: Some memoirs are only accessible during specific times of day. If you’re struggling to find a memoir, try visiting the location during both daytime and nighttime to see if it appears.

Interact with NPCs: Engaging with non-player characters (NPCs) can sometimes yield valuable information about memoir locations. Listen to their dialogues and watch for hints that may point you toward hidden memoirs.

Be thorough: Memoirs can often be found in less obvious or hidden locations. Take your time exploring every nook and cranny of the game world to ensure you don’t miss any collectibles.

That’s all there to know about the Memoir Locations and Where to Find them all in Like a Dragon Ishin. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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