If you’re looking to craft the best weapons and armor Like a Dragon Ishin, then crafting is the way to do it. In Like a Dragon Ishin, crafting lets you build powerful weapons and armor that can help you beat even the toughest enemies.

In this guide, we’ll look at the various crafting materials available in the game, and where to find them. We’ll be covering materials that are used for crafting both swords and guns, as well as head armor, body armor, and gauntlets.

Like a Dragon Ishin Crafting Materials List

  • Yokai Painting
  • Vermillion Fabric
  • Wooden Bear Carving
  • Volcanic Rock Fragment
  • Tamahagane
  • Wild Silk
  • Steel Plate
  • Renowned Horse’s Mane
  • Small Mechanism
  • Rusty Coil
  • Large Gold Nugget
  • Small Gold Nugget
  • Rackety Gear
  • Small Clock
  • Silver Fragment
  • Scrap Metal
  • Rainbow Shard
  • Platinum Chunk
  • Precise Machinery
  • Robust Wood
  • Polishing Stone
  • Pearl
  • Soft Wood
  • Platinum Grain
  • High-Quality Wood
  • Ominous Beads
  • Obsidian
  • 1000-Year Old Branch
  • Driftwood Fragment
  • Fluorite
  • Lovely Fur
  • High-Quality Leather
  • Divine Wood
  • Fine Silk Fabric
  • Exquisite Cogwheel
  • Elegant Hair Ornament
  • Rainbow Fabric
  • Lime Powder
  • Lead Piece
  • Gold Dust
  • Dead Branch
  • European Fabric
  • Emerald
  • Cutting Board
  • Crooked Screw
  • Crooked Magnet
  • Cloudy Mirror
  • Charcoal
  • Beast Tail
  • Ceramic Sake Jug
  • Amber
  • Broken Compass
  • Brand New Screw
  • Beautiful Leaf

Crafting Material Locations (How to Get)

MaterialHow to Get
Yokai PaintingMysterious Merchant
Bandit Cave
Vermillion FabricShinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Bandit Mine, Toyotomi Residence
Wooden Bear CarvingBandit Cave, Bandit Mine
Battle Arena Exchange
Volcanic Rock FragmentBlacksmith
TamahaganeBandit Cave
Blacksmith, Ebisu Pawnshop, Don Quijote
Wild SilkBlacksmith
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Steel PlateBlacksmith
Bandit Cave
Renowned Horse’s ManeBandit Mine
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Small MechanismBandit Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Rusty CoilBandit Cave and Mine
Large Gold NuggetBandit Cave and Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Small Gold NuggetBandit and Mine
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Rackety GearBandit Cave
Small ClockBandit Cave and Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Silver FragmentBandit Cave
Scrap MetalBlacksmith, Ebisu Pawnshop
Bandit Camp
Don Quijote
Rainbow ShardLottery
Bandit Cave
Platinum ChunkEbisu Pawnshop Owner Max Bond Reward
Bandit Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Precise MachineryToyotomi Residence
Servile Begger
Robust WoodBandit Cave and Mine
Greengrocer, Amnesiac Max Bond Reward
Battle Exchange Arena
Polishing StoneBandit Cave
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
PearlBandit Cave
Battle Arena Exchange
Soft WoodBandit Cave
Battle Arena Exchange
Platinum GrainToyotomi Residence
Bandit Cave
High-Quality WoodBandit Cave
Battle Arena Exchange
Ominous BeadsBandit Cave and Mine
ObsidianBandit Cave and Mine
1000-Year Old BranchBandit Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Driftwood FragmentToyotomi Residence
Battle Arena Exchange
FluoriteBandit Cave and Mine
Lovely FurLottery
High-Quality LeatherBlack Smith
Wandering Salesman
Divine WoodToyotomi Residence
Wandering Salesman
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Fine Silk FabricBandit Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Exquisite CogwheelBandit Cave
Elegant Hair OrnamentBandit Cave
Mysterious Merchant
Rainbow FabricToyotomi Residence
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Lime PowderBandit Cave
Lead PieceBlacksmith
Gold DustBandit Cave
Dead BranchBandit Cave
European FabricToyotomi Residence
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
EmeraldBandit Cave
Cutting BoardShinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Crooked ScrewDon Quijote
Bandit Cave
Crooked MagnetBandit Cave
Cloudy MirrorBandit Cave
CharcoalDon Quijote
Beast TailBandit Cave
Shinto Priest Virtue Exchange
Ceramic Sake JugDon Quijote
AmberBandit Cave
Broken CompassBandit Mine
Toyotomi Residence
Three Ikugawa Brothers Max Bond Reward
Brand New ScrewBandit Cave
Beautiful LeafBandit Cave

To purchase materials from Sinto Priest Exchange you’ll need Virtue. It is a type of currency in Like a Dragon Ishin. There are multiple ways to farm Virtue.

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