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Like a Dragon Ishin Best Skills to Unlock First (Every Style)


Welcome to our guide on Like a Dragon: Ishin’s best skills to unlock first. As you play through the game, you’ll quickly discover that leveling up Ryoma and unlocking new skills is essential to progressing through the story and taking on tougher enemies.

With a vast selection of skills across four different styles, it can be challenging to know which ones to prioritize.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with our top recommendations for the best and game-changing skills to unlock early on in Like a Dragon Ishin, helping you make the most of your playthrough and dominate the streets of Edo.

Best Skills to Unlock First

  • Essence of Dragon Strikes
  • Knowledge of the Odachi
  • Enhanced Rounds Knowhow
  • Essence of the Skewering Cuts
  • Essence of Finishing Stab
  • Essence of Finishing Shots
  • Typhoon of Steel and Fire
  • Essence of Stature
  • Splendid Skill: Moonlit Sake
  • Komaki Dharma Tumbler

Essence of Dragon Strikes

Essence of Dragon Strikes.

Style: Brawler

Transition the Essence of the Mighty Strikes into a throw befitting a restless, raging dragon. Consumes Heat.

You can use this technique to knock down up to two other bandits when you’re surrounded by multiple adversaries. You can take on groups of enemies effectively with this move since it doesn’t consume a lot of Heat.

Knowledge of the Odachi

Style: Brawler

Knowledge of the Odachi.

Deal extreme damage while wielding a massive Odachi. You will not gain style experience when using a special weapon.

Greatswords like the odachi are slower than the average katana, but they’re stronger. As soon as you unlock this skill, you’ll have access to a whole new set of moves. Additionally, you can expand your range of techniques by learning adjacent skills.

Enhanced Rounds Knowhow

Style: Gunman

Enhanced Rounds Knowhow.

Craft Enhanced Rounds at the Blacksmith. These babies don’t have any fancy effects but they pack a wallop.

Knowing how to craft enhanced bullets, such as poison, acid, and fire, is important because your standard shots won’t get you very far. You can make your ammunition at the blacksmith when you unlock this skill. By customizing your weapons, you can increase your chances of success in different situations and against enemies.

Essence of the Skewering Cuts

Style: Swordman

Essence of the Skewering Cuts.

Transition the Essence of Single Cuts into gruesome impalement. Consumes Heat.

As a Swordsman, the Essence of Skewering Cuts is one of the best skills. Impaling your enemy with a sword and swinging them around causes significant damage. It’s great because it doesn’t use up much Heat, making it a good choice in combat.

Essence of Finishing Stab

Style: Swordsman

Essence of Finishing Stab.

Mercilessly plunge your sword into a downed enemy.

When you’re using a katana, heat moves do even more damage to enemies on the ground. Finishing stabs are great for dispatching low-health foes quickly and efficiently, leaving them no time to recover.

Essence of Finishing Shots

Style: Gunman

Essence of Finishing Shots.

Hold an enemy down beneath your heal and unload on the poor bastard. Consumes heat.

Similar to the Swordsman’s finishing stab, the Essence of Finishing Shots is a finishing move for the Gunman style that utilizes your firearms.

The added benefit of this technique is that you can use it from a distance, making it advantageous for the Gunman style, whereas the other finishing moves require you to be in close.

Typhoon of Steel and Fire

Style: Wild Dancer

Typhoon of Steel and Fire.

Transition Rain of Steel and Fire into a vicious heel kick, with another shot to keep them down for good. Consumes heat.

The Wild Dancer style gives you early access to a powerful technique. When you press your Heat button while targeting an enemy, you’ll deal devastating blows with both your gun and sword. Despite consuming Heat, this move has a lot of impact.

Essence of Stature

Style: Wild Dancer

Essence of Stature.

Parry an oncoming enemy attack with your gun, then cut their spine and end their misery. Consumes heat.

The Essence of Sature excels at countering the attacks of your opponents. You have to activate this Heat move just before the enemy hits. You can trigger the technique by clicking the Heat icon under your Heat gauge.

If you press it accurately, you’ll turn the tables and deal a significant blow, draining a substantial portion of your enemy’s health bar.

Splendid Skill: Moonlit Sake

Style: Wild Dancer

Splendid Skill: Moonlit Sake.

Strike an enemy after evading. However, by sacrificing poise, this attack does little damage on its own.

Unlocking this move will definitely help you use the Wild Dancer style more often. You can evade and counterattack so easily and quickly with this technique; even some bosses will have trouble stopping you.

Komaki Dharma Tumbler

Style: Brawler

Komaki Dharma Tumbler.

Avoid attacks that may be too difficult to dodge by rolling after evading.

Besides being able to attack well, you should also be able to defend well.

You can roll in various directions with the Komaki Dharma Tumbler, especially useful when you’re confronted with bandits wielding heavy weapons and evading isn’t enough.

That’s everything we have on the best skills to unlock first in Like a Dragon: Ishin!. The game is now available on consoles and PC. You can even play it on Windows 7 with a small workaround.

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