Take on an exciting journey in Like a Dragon Ishin with the Another Life mini-game, a captivating side story that immerses players in a farming experience. Haruka is a young woman facing financial difficulties after losing her parents early in the game. Ryoma takes on her 100 ryo debt, giving you access to a charming villa where you can adopt pets and grow crops.

You’ll learn how to farm efficiently, expand your farm, and make the most of your time in this Like a Dragon Ishin Another Life Farming Guide. Start by going to South Yashikimachi in Fushimi and talking to the ferryman.

Another Life Overview: In the Another Life mini-game, Ryoma sets aside his sword to embrace a peaceful life on the farm. Engage in traditional farming activities, gather food, and showcase your culinary expertise in this soothing and heartwarming side story.

How to Unlock Farming in Like a Dragon Ishin

In Like a Dragon: Ishin, unlocking the Another Life mini-game is a straightforward process that occurs naturally as you progress through the game. Another Life might seem greyed out at first, but it becomes accessible during Chapter 4 of the main story.

Ryoma meets a priest who takes him to a farmstead. By helping Haruka pay off her debts, you unlock the Another Life side activity.

How to Expand Farm in Like a Dragon Ishin

It’s all about the farming plots in front of the main house in Like a Dragon: Ishin, Another Life. At first, you won’t have much farming space, so you’ll need to create more plots to increase your yield.

To expand your farm, go to the Shrine to the left of the main entrance. Use your earned Virtue to unlock features specific to Another Life. You can only access farming mode features at this Shrine; the main Shrine in Kyo doesn’t.

Go to the ‘Farm’ tab within the Shrine’s menu to expand your farming area. With each expansion, you can unlock extra plots for 500, 1,500, and 4,000 Virtue. With these additional plots, you’ll be able to grow more vegetables and improve your farming experience.

Debt Repayments in Like a Dragon Ishin

The primary objective of Like a Dragon: Ishin’s Another Life is to help Haruka pay off her debt, which can sometimes get overlooked. Start by finding a cabinet in the back left corner of the farm building.

As you interact with the cabinet, you can send Haruka to deliver goods you’ve gathered on the farm to paying customers. In addition to addressing Haruka’s debt, this method is one of the best ways to make money.

Keeping track of what’s needed for each order. If an order requires two carrots and a potato, plant them in the available plots and wait for them to mature. Once you have the items for an order, go back to the cabinet to finish it and get rewarded.

How to Adopt Pets in Like a Dragon Ishin

In Like a Dragon: Ishin’s Another Life, you can recruit three dogs and three cats to join your farm. Dogs will occasionally find valuable items for you, while cats can provide extra rewards when you complete orders. Additionally, interacting with each animal grants you a certain amount of Virtue.

With a fully upgraded Virtue acquisition, each interaction with a pet will yield 30 Virtue points. Since you can have six pets, this amounts to a total of 180 Virtue per rotation. To reset these interactions, simply cook a meal. By taking advantage of this feature, you can efficiently collect Virtue, which is essential for unlocking various enhancements and upgrades in the game.

Dogs and Cats Locations – Where to Find Pets in Like a Dragon Ishin

Pets locations in Like a Dragon Ishin

Dog #1: Find this dog in Fushimi’s west side, who needs food. Feed him any item five times, and he’ll join you.

Dog #2: Located south of the bridge in Rakunai’s east side, this dog is barking excessively. Buy five bones from the nearby Pawn Shop and give him one each time you visit. He’ll eventually come home with you.

Dog #3: In Mukurogai’s northeast corner, rescue this abused dog by giving him medicine five times. Confront and defeat the thugs harming him, and he’ll join your farm.

Cat #1: Near the boatman in Fushimi, interact with this clumsy cat five times to adopt him.

Cat #2: Found east of the Shinto Temple in Rakunai, give this lucky cat increasing amounts of money, up to 1 Ryo. Follow him afterward, defeat some goons, and recover your money plus extra.

Cat #3: In Rakugai, east of the Chicken Race Track, bring fish to this hungry cat. Offer any fish four times, but give a bluefin tuna for the final interaction to adopt him.

That’s everything you need to know about Another Life farming mini-game in Like a Dragon Ishin.

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