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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: How To Play And S Rank Crazy Eats


Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth has a plethora of mini games but one of the most fun ones you can unlock is the Crazy Eats. The mini game unlocks when you visit District 5 early in the game and during a mission meet up with Jeff, who is a food truck driver that you need to pay off. But since you’re short on cash at that point in the game, Tomi will recommend making deliveries for Crazy Eats to make a quick buck and frankly, this is a great way to farm money in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Use your smartphone to apply for a job at Crazy Eats to start making deliveries.

How To Play Crazy Eats In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Once you’ve unlocked the Crazy Eats mini-game in your Hawaiian adventure, it is time to start making deliveries for Crazy Eats.

Your primary task in Crazy Eats is to zip around on a bicycle, collecting various food items. But collecting is just part of the fun – the real challenge lies in delivering these items to the customers who ordered them. Time is of the essence here, as you’re racing against the clock. You have only a few minutes to accumulate a certain number of points by completing these deliveries.

If you’re too slow, you might find yourself falling short of the goal and earning less, or potentially no money at all.

How To More Money With Crazy Eats

To make the most amount of money with Crazy Eats you need to play this mini game on a highest difficulty level. This means you will have less time to make more deliveries than usual. You should either delivery a lot of small ticket orders or look for big ticket orders. The recommendation is to farm big ticket order to make more money with Crazy Eats.

Once you have enough money, you can leave and go pay off Jeff. However, you can make deliveries any time to make extra money in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Note: Listen to your own music playlist to make deliveries more fun.

How To Get S Ranks In Crazy Eats Mini Game

How To Get S Ranks In Crazy Eats Mini Game

At its core, Crazy Eats is about collecting various food items and delivering them to customers scattered across the level. Each food type – hamburgers, pizza, and sushi sets – carries a different monetary value, with sushi being the most lucrative. The key objective is to amass as much money as possible within the time limit.

What elevates Crazy Eats from a simple delivery game to an exhilarating challenge is the incorporation of stunts. Performing flips, rotations, and power slides before a delivery can significantly increase your payout, in some cases even doubling it. This dynamic not only tests your driving skills but also your strategic planning in route selection and stunt execution.

  1. Prioritize Stunts: Always include stunts before making a delivery. Aim for complex stunts like three front flips, but also be adaptable. Watch for the colored sheen around Ichiban, indicating the stunt level – blue for level one, green for level two, and a mix of green and yellow for level three. Delivering with a green and yellow glow is optimal.
  2. Utilize the Mini-Map: The mini-map is crucial for efficient navigation. It shows the locations of customers, remaining food, and power-ups. After each delivery, quickly plan your next move using the mini-map.
  3. Leverage Power-Ups: Power-ups can make the difference between A and S ranks. The bottle boosts your level, golden tickets increase your multiplier for a short time, and the backpack protects your food from hazards. Springs are especially useful as they stop time and offer free money.
  4. Strategic Positioning at Delivery Spots: When approaching a delivery spot, position your bike in the direction of your next target. This minimizes the time spent turning around or reversing, thereby maximizing efficiency.
  5. Effective Use of Boost: Boosts, earned through stunts, provide a temporary speed increase and invulnerability to hazards. They also attract food from a greater distance and ensure maximum points per delivery, even without stunts. Use boosts strategically on straight paths with multiple delivery spots or when you have a bonus from a golden ticket.
  6. Balancing Speed and Resource Management: While fast deliveries are important, ensure you have enough food for continuous deliveries. Sometimes, it’s better to collect more food than rush for a single delivery. Pay attention to the tricolored icon on the mini-map indicating a large bento box, which adds five of each food type.

Achieving S ranks in Crazy Eats unlocks numerous rewards. Notably, the Tomahawk steak, a valuable early-game weapon for Kasa, various books to boost job ranks, level boosters, and even Hatsune Miku songs. These rewards enhance your overall gameplay experience in “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.”

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