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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: How To Make Playlists Easily


Not many games allow you to create your own Playlists but thankfully, Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth does let you make them. Playlists are background music that you can listen to instead of the generic music in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. You can unlock the ability to make playlists in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth after you come across Announcer Unai, the talk show host. Help the Announcer to start making your own playlists. Here’s a more breakdown of how to make playlists in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth:

How To Make Playlists In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

First things first, you’ll need to unlock the playlist feature. This happens naturally as you progress through the game, specifically after completing the “Radio Active” substory in Chapter 1: Doin’ the Best I Can.

Music in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth can be found in various forms across Kasuga’s world. You’ll collect CDs from different sources, including city exploration and mini-game point exchanges. These CDs unlock new songs for your playlists, featuring a wide range of tracks from SEGA classics to new hits.

Once you’ve got your hands on some music, it’s time to create your playlist. You can do this through two in-game methods to create playlists:

  • Radios and Jukeboxes: Located in Kasuga’s residences and popular hangouts, these allow you to manually add songs to your playlist.
  • Smartphone App: After meeting Risa Unai and unlocking the Radio app, you can easily manage your playlists directly from your smartphone’s “playlists” option.

With your playlist ready, you’re all set to explore. Keep an eye out for a small icon next to the minimap—it indicates where you can enjoy your music. Manage playback with simple controls, whether you’re using a PC or a controller, to play, pause, skip, or replay tracks as you navigate through the game’s world.

Note: Popular The Karaoke songs from Yakuza games are locked behind DLC.

How To Play Playlist Songs

playlist icon in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.
playlist controls Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.
ActivateZ (Hold)LB (Hold)
Play / PauseCD-Pad Up
Skip NextVD-Pad Right
Go PreviousXD-Pad Left

How To Get More CDs

Mini-games in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth aren’t just for entertainment; they’re a source for adding to your music library. Nearly every mini-game in the game allows you to earn points, which can be exchanged for prizes, including CDs. For instance, you could play Open Air Shogi, accumulate points, and exchange them for exclusive tracks.

All Songs In Infinite Wealth

Song TitleLyricsComposer
Kamurocho LibraryHidenori ShojiHidenori Shoji
Koi no DISCO QUEENRyosuke HoriiSEGA
Fubuki KoutaRyosuke HoriiChihiro Aoki
Friday NightMari YoshidaKensuke Inage
Queen of PassionMari YoshidaHirotaka Kumagawa
I’m Gonna Make Her MineMari YoshidaKensuke Inage
I Wanna Take You HomeMari YoshidaKensuke Inage
HeartbeatN/AChihiro Aoki
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