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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Fortune Card Locations Guide


Want to know where to find Fortune Cards in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth? Well, I have all the locations for Fortune Cards. These cards are used to get some additional gear. You need to wait until you reach Hawaii before you can start finding Fortune Cards. The more Fortune Cards you find the more points you earn (more on that later). You can then exchange these points to get rewards in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Where To Find All Fortune Cards In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

LocationRephrased Details/Points of Interest
Little Japan– Behind the Exchange, inside the temple
– Adjacent to the Exchange, near the fountain
– In the shrine area of the Exchange, by the fence
– Outside the Exchange area, along the street
Aloha Beach– On the east side, close to the street
Revolve– Just outside Revolve, located on Fuji Street
Worldwide Market Village– Opposite the food shop
– Central area under the cover, close to a clothing store
Diamond Head– In an alley with parked cars
Anaconda Shopping Center– At the primary entrance
– Upper level, near the weapon and clothing stores
– Upper level, close to the pawn shop
Anaconda Blvd.– Along the sidewalk leading to Aloha Bridge
Aloha Bridge– On the sidewalk, midway across Aloha Bridge
More locations soon!

Where To Exchange Fortune Cards In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

You can exchange your cards for points at Exchange Fortune Shop. And then use those points to get exclusive rewards.

Fortune exchange shop location.

How many points you get from Fortune Cards will depend on the condition of the card you find. The best card offers 4 points while good and modest condition cards offer 3 and 2 points respectively. A card that is in a bad condition can only yield 1 point. When you have enough points, you can collect the following rewards:

fortune card rewards in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.
  • Tranquility Bat – 10 Points
  • Flame Amulet – 5 Points
  • Rime Amulet – 5 Points
  • Raiden Amulet – 5 Points
  • Lucky Money Amulet – 15 Points
  • Health Prayer Amulet – 15 Points
  • Safe Travels Amulet – 15 Points

That’s all you need to know on where to find Fortune Cards. Want to know more? I suggest reading up on our guide on getting S Ranks in Crazy Eats, and how to make a playlist.

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