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How To Fix Life is Strange True Colors Crash On PC


Life is Strange True Colors is now available for PC and consoles and has received a great critical reception. The PC version of the game is facing issues like crash to desktop, crash at startup with errors like Fatal Error or Xinput1_4.dll is missing. Here I will help PC players with how to fix the Life is Strange True Colors crash.

Life is Strange True Colors Crash Fix

Before we start with the fixes let’s go through a couple of general fixes. Using a third-party tool or software like MSI Afterburner might be causing the game to crash. So try disabling any third-party software you have installed that might interfere with the game along with Steam overlay and Life is Strange True Colors will stop crashing.

Those of you facing a crash at startup issue or the game not starting issue, make sure you are using Windows 10 64-bit as the game doesn’t support Win 7 and 8 and 32-Bit version of Windows 10.

If the OS is not the problem then lack of admin rights could be causing Life is Strange True Colors to crash at launch. Right-click Life is Strange True Colors in Steam > Manage > Browse local files. Right-click the game’s exe > properties > Compatibility tab > check “Run this program as administrator” and hit apply. This should fix the game’s crash at launch issue.

Fatal Error Fix

According to PC players, Life is Strange True Colors is crashing at startup with a Fatal Error and here is how to fix it. One reason for this could be that the game using DirectX 12 by default. Players can fix it by forcing the game to use DirectX 11. Right-click Life is Strange True Colors in Steam > properties > type -dx11 under Launch Options. Launch the game and this command will force it to use DirectX 11 and the game won’t crash with a Fatal Error message.

Crash Fix

Life is Strange True Colors PC players are reporting that they are experiencing in-game crashes. There are multiple reasons behind it and here is how to fix it. One reason could be DirectX 12 as the game uses it by default. Players can switch to DirectX 11 to stop the game from crashing.

Your GPU could be another reason why the game is crashing. First, update or reinstall the GPU driver and make sure to do a clean installation. This should fix the in-game crashing issue.

If the game is still crashing them your GPU is either overclocked or isn’t handling the game’s load really well and is crashing the game. Revert the GPU to its default GPU clock if it’s overclocked.

In case the GPU isn’t overclocked then try dropping the graphics setting or enabling the in-game Resolution Scaling option and setting the Scaling Percent between 80-70%. Alternatively, players can use MSI Afterburner and reduce the GPU clock by 100 MHz to fix the Life is Strange True Colors in-game crash.

If you don’t want to mess with the GPU clock or reduce the graphics setting, then cap the game’s max FPS. There is an in-game option for that, use to fix it.

Xinput1_4.dll Missing Fix

Players are reporting that they are unable to play Life Is Strange: True Colors as they are experiencing the ‘Xinput1_4.dll is missing’ error at launch and here is how to fix it.

First, try downloading and installing the latest DirectX files. If that doesn’t work, players can manually download the missing dll file and place it in the game’s folder but, I don’t recommend it.

Alternatively, go to C:\Windows\System32 and look for either of ‘xinput1_1.dll’ or ‘xinput1_2.dll’ or ‘xinput1_3.dll’. Copy the file and paste it to the Desktop. Then rename the copied file to ‘Xinput1_4.dll’ and place it in C:\Windows\System32. Launch Life Is Strange: True Colors and it’ll launch with the error.

That is all for our fixes for Life is Strange True Colors crash on PC. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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