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Life is Strange True Colors Chapter One Memories Locations


Life Is Stange True Colors offers collectibles for players to find and they are called memories. These memories are scattered objects in each of the game’s chapters. Alex can use her powers and look into the memory of these objects. This Life is Strange True Colors guide will help players with Memories location in chapter one.

Where To Find Memories In Chapter One

The following are the memories that players will find in chapter one of the game. If you have missed any of them, you can just go to Chapter Select and play the area you missed. Also, your progress won’t reset by replaying.

Riley’s Letter

The first memory is in Alex’s apartment. After Alex attacks Mac, Gabe will go down to the bar, go to the desk and use Alex’s powers on Riley’s Letter to the right.


This memory is also in the apartment before you go down to the bar. Opposite the arcade machine players will find the crack to the left of the postcard.

Business Card

Go down to the bar and talk to Jed. After that, players will be able to walk around. The Bussiness Card is behind the counter to the left.


In the mining area where players are looking for Ethan, to the left of the gate players will see Gabe and Ryan looking at the Helmet.


When players start comparing the comic and the mining area, go to the crate to enter the building. After the cutscene, the phone is to the right.

That is all for our Life is Strange True Colors Guide with tips on the locations of the memories in chapter one. For more on the game, also see our Chapter Two Memories Locations Guide.

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