In Lies of P there are special items called Functional Items. These items help make Polendina’s and Pulcinella’s shops at Hotel Krat even better! This guide will show you where to find these items, from chests hidden in secret places to rewards from the tricky King of Riddles. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your shops and find cool collectibles.


How To Upgrade Shops With Functional Items In Lies of P

In Lies of P upgrading the offerings at Hotel Krat’s shops is a rewarding endeavor. By locating and presenting specific Functional Items, you can significantly upgrade the inventory of both Polendina and Pulcinella shops in Lies of P.

Polendina’s Shop Upgrades: To introduce new items to Polendina’s shop, you’ll need to hand over supply boxes. As you explore the game, keep an eye out for these boxes, as they’re your ticket to a more diverse shopping experience with Polendina.

Pulcinella’s Shop Upgrades: On the other hand, Pulcinella is on the lookout for Venigni Collection items. By presenting these to him, you’ll unlock a fresh array of goods in his store. So, as you journey through the game, remember to gather these collections to make the most of your shopping trips with Pulcinella.

LocationHow To Get
St. Frangelico Cathedral ChapelKrat Supply Box – After you conquer the Elite Decay enemy at the pinnacle of the wooden tower, proceed forward. In the subsequent room, you’ll find this item tucked away inside a chest on the side.
Estella Opera House EntranceIncredible Venigni Collection – Venture into the room with the oscillating chandelier and descend. At the termination of one of the corridors, make a right turn and enter the room directly ahead. Inside, a safe holds this precious item.
Grand Exhibition HallSturdy Krat Supply Box – This item is conveniently located adjacent to the shortcut ladder that leads back to the Stargazer.
Barren SwampFancy Venigni Collection – Starting from the Stargazer, make your way to the vast landfill where two Puppets of the Future roam. Upon entering this area, skirt the right perimeter, moving past the grassy patches. Near some white puppets, a chest conceals this item.
Collapsed KratSpecial Krat Supply Box – After reaching the summit of the building guarded by swordsmen, continue your journey across the rooftops. Descend when you spot a second fire-spewing puppet. Beyond this puppet, a chest contains this Functional Item.
Krat Central Station StreetKing of Riddles’ Surprise Box – After obtaining the Trinity Key from the incessantly ringing telephone and unlocking the safe within the Trinity Sanctum near the Krat Central Station Lobby stargazer, revisit the ringing telephone. Respond with “No” to lie or “Yes” to tell the truth. This item is your reward for deciphering all of the King of Riddles’ enigmas.
Relic of Trismegistus Combat FieldGreat Venigni Collection – After your victory over the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, ascend the hill. Near Alidoro, a chest awaits, holding this item.