In the dark and twisted world of Lies of P, Special Weapons play a pivotal role in enhancing your combat capabilities. These weapons are not only powerful but also come with unique attributes that can give you an edge in battle. This guide will walk you through the locations of all Special Weapons aka Boss Weapons in Lies of P.


Things To Know About Special Weapons (Boss Weapons)

  • Collecting all Special Weapons unlocks the “Special Weapon Collector” trophy & achievement.
  • Special Weapons are superior to Normal Weapons, with some even scaling up to an S rank for certain attributes when combined with the right Handle Altering Materials.
  • All Special Weapons are missable. Ten of them become unattainable if you consume the Bosses’ Ergos or use them to purchase Amulets at Alidoro’s or Explorer Hugo’s shops. Therefore, refrain from consuming them.
  • One Special Weapon can only be acquired during a Lie playthrough.

All Special Weapon (Boss Weapons) Locations In Lies of P

Before you can start collecting Special Weapons, you need to find Alidoro. He’s near the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library stargazer. Once you find him, send him to a safe place. Depending on your playthrough (Lie or Truth), send him to either Venigni Works or Hotel Krat. Eventually, he will set up his Special Weapons shop at Hotel Krat.

Special Weapon (Boss Weapon)How To Get
Parade Leader’s ErgoPurchased with Parade Leader’s Ergo from the Special Weapons Shop.
EtiquettePurchased with Broken Hero’s Ergo (Scrapped Watchman boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Holy Sword of the ArkPurchased with King’s Flame Ergo (King’s Flame, Fuoco boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Trident of the CovenantPurchased with Twisted Angel’s Ergo (Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Puppet RipperPurchased with Burnt-White King’s Ergo (King of Puppets boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Frozen FeastPurchased with Reborn Champion’s Ergo (Champion Victor boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Two Dragons SwordPurchased with Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo (Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Uroboros’s EyePurchased with Sad Zealot’s Ergo (Laxasia The Complete boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.
Noblesse ObligePurchased with Fallen One’s Ergo (Simon Manus Awakened God boss) from the Special Weapons Shop.

How To Get The Final Two Special Weapons (Boss Weapons)

After defeating Simon Manus Awakened God, make a backup save. Opt for the “Give the Heart” choice when Geppetto asks, unlocking the Real Boy ending. Post-credits, without starting NG+, read the letter in Geppetto’s Study for “The Story of One Father” and play the piano for the “Pianist of Krat” achievement. Reload your save, and if you’ve been lying throughout the game, play all Records and interact with the long-nosed Portrait in Geppetto’s Study to get the Golden Lie Special Weapon.

Refuse Geppetto’s request at Under the Abyss and defeat the Nameless Puppet (Rise of P ending). Post-credits, without starting NG+, purchase the last Special Weapon, Proof of Humanity, from Explorer Hugo using the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo to unlock “Special Weapon Collector.”



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