Lies of P has a great story but with side quests you can dive deeper into the lore of the game’s world. There are 9 side quests in total that you can complete in Lies of P. In this guide, we will not only discuss how to complete each side quest but also their requirements, and locations.


Lies of P Side Quests List

  1. Toma’s Quest (1-2)
  2. Weeping Woman’s Quest
  3. Venigni’s Quest
  4. Sister Cecile’s Quest
  5. Old Lady at the Window’s Quest
  6. Julian the Gentleman’s
  7. Adelina the Actress’s Quest
  8. Belle’s Quest
  9. Broken Puppet’s

Lies of P: All Side Quest Walkthroughs

Toma’s Quest – Part 1 And 2

  • Location: Engage with Toma through a window in House on Elysion Boulevard
  • Objective: Retrieve the Faded Whistle.
  • Rewards: Radiant Ergo Fragment.

After speaking to Toma, proceed along the rooftops and descend the first ladder on your right. At street level, find a lit window with a woman’s silhouette. After your conversation, obtain the Faded Whistle from the arena after defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss. Teleport back to the Elysion Boulevard stargazer, return to the window, and use the Faded Whistle to complete the quest.

Weeping Woman’s Quest

  • Location: Elysion Boulevard.
  • Objective: Find the Broken Baby Puppet.
  • Rewards: Vivid Ergo Fragment and the “Feel” Record.

Climb back up the ladder from Toma’s location and move to the next building. Drop down to find another lit window with a weeping woman’s silhouette. She’ll ask you to find her baby. As you progress, you’ll encounter two swordsmen near a fountain past the Krat City Hall stargazer. Ascend the stairs to find an elite puppet guarding an item. Defeat it, collect the item, and return to the weeping woman. Your response will depend on your playthrough choice.

Venigni’s Quest

  • Location: Workshop Union.
  • Objective: No specific task, but involves interactions with Venigni and Pulcinella.
  • Rewards: The “Fear” Gesture.

Speak to Venigni next to the Stargazer. He’ll ask you to find his butler puppet, Pulcinella. After defeating the main boss, King’s Flame, Fuoco, interact with the broken puppet inside the boss arena. Return to Venigni to update him. If he’s not at the control room, check Hotel Krat.

Sister Cecile’s Quest

  • Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral.
  • Objective: Return the Archbishop’s Holy Mark.
  • Rewards: “Devine Service” Record and the “Pray” Gesture.

Upon reaching the library stargazer, find Sister Cecile on the left side of the room. She’ll request the return of the Archbishop’s Holy Mark. As you progress, after meeting Alidoro at the top of the Cathedral, find a room with a safe containing the item. Return it to Cecile. After defeating Fallen Archbishop Andreus, revisit Cecile’s location to collect your rewards.

Old Lady at the Window’s Quest

  • Location: Estella Opera House.
  • Objective: Retrieve La Bleiwies wine.
  • Rewards: Venigni Commemorative Coin.

After reaching the Stargazer, continue and find another lit window with a woman’s silhouette. She’ll ask for a bottle of La Bleiweis wine. As you progress, you’ll reach Lorenzini Arcade where you can collect the wine. Return to the old lady to complete the quest.

Julian the Gentleman’s Quest

  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Objective: Retrieve the Wedding Ring.
  • Rewards: Wedding Ring and the “Sad” Gesture.

Speak to Julian next to the Stargazer. He’ll ask you to retrieve his late wife’s belongings. As you move through the sewers, you’ll find the belongings near a woman’s corpse. Return them to Julian and choose your response based on your playthrough.

Adelina the Actress’s Quest

  • Location: Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Objective: Retrieve the Wedding Ring.
  • Rewards: Wedding Ring and the “Sad” Gesture.

After entering the Opera House, find Adelina in one of the rooms. If you don’t have the Red Apple item, purchase it from Polendina’s shop at Hotel Krat. Give the apple to Adelina. After defeating the King of Puppets, revisit Adelina’s room to collect your rewards.

Belle’s Quest

  • Location: Grand Exhibition.
  • Objective: Deliver Atkinson’s Letter to Belle.
  • Rewards: “Why” Record.

After meeting Belle, she’ll join Hotel Krat post the Champion Victor boss fight. Later, she’ll ask you to find her friend. Fast-travel to Krat Central Station, find the NPC in a train car, and collect a letter. Return to Belle at Hotel Krat and provide her with the update.

Broken Puppet’s Quest

  • Location: Barren Swamp.
  • Objective: No specific task, but involves showing the Broken Puppet certain gestures.
  • Rewards: Quartz.

Speak to the broken white puppet next to the Stargazer. He’ll ask you to show him certain gestures. As you acquire the necessary gestures throughout your journey, return to him to display them. Once all gestures are shown, you’ll receive your reward. You can refer to our gesture locations guide for more information about finding gestures.