Lies of P players have the opportunity to shape the outcome of their journey through the choices they make. One of the most sought-after endings is the Rise of P ending, which requires a series of specific actions and decisions throughout Lies of P. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock the best ending in Lies of P.


How To Unlock Rise of P Best Ending In Lies of P

  1. Lie System Scenarios: Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter various scenarios where you can choose to tell the truth or lie. For this ending, always opt to tell lies.
  2. Defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood: This is a crucial step. Ensure you defeat this formidable foe during your playthrough.
  3. Locate the “Portrait of a Boy”: After your battle with the Eldest, head to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout located in the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer in Area 5. Inside, to the left of the entrance and next to the stairs, you’ll find the portrait. Secure it.
  4. Deliver the Portrait to Geppetto: Once you have the portrait, return to Hotel Krat and hand it over to Geppetto, who can be found in his study.
  5. Sophia’s Decision: As you progress, you’ll reach the Ascension Bridge. After defeating Laxasia the Complete, converse with Sophia in her room and choose the option “Give her peace.”
  6. Confront Simon Manus, Awakened God: Continue your journey until you face off against the final boss at the Arch Abbey Cradle of the Gods. Ensure his defeat.
  7. Golden Lie Weapon: Before making any decisions post-battle, travel back to Hotel Krat. Play all the Records without interruption. If you’ve been consistent with your lies, the portrait in Geppetto’s Study will have a noticeably long nose. Interact with it to obtain the special weapon, the Golden Lie.
  8. Final Decision with Geppetto: Return to the “Under the Abyss” and when Geppetto requests your Heart, firmly refuse.
  9. Battle the Nameless Puppet: Your refusal will trigger a battle against the Nameless Puppet. Triumph over this adversary to move closer to your desired ending.
  10. Unlocking the Ending: After the intense battle, the game will conclude, and you’ll achieve the Rise of P ending, along with the “The First Puppet” trophy/achievement.

All Lie System Responses For Rise of P Ending

NPCLocation / AreaResponses
Woman Looking for Her “Baby”Elysion Boulevard“That’s a cute baby.”
AlidoroSt. Frangelico Cathedral“Venigni Works.”
Julian the GentlemanRosa Isabelle Street Culvert“I saw the message she left, saying she loves you.”
AntoniaHotel Krat (after defeating Romeo, King of Puppets)“Of course.”
BelleHotel Krat (after defeating Corrupted Parade Master and getting the letter from at Krat Central Station)“He was killed in battle.”
VenigniHotel Krat (after defeating Black Rabbit Brotherhood)“I couldn’t hear.”
ArlecchinoArche Abbey Outer Wall“Human.”
SophiaAscension Bridge (after defeating Laxasia, the Complete)“Give her peace.”
GeppettoArche Abbey – Internal Bridge Prison“Yes.”
Simon ManusArche Abbey – Cradle of the God“I gave her peace.”


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