In Lies of P, defending yourself is as crucial as attacking. The game’s combat system is intricate, drawing inspiration from classics like “Bloodborne”. One of the standout features is the Guard System, which includes the much-coveted Perfect Guard. Let’s dive deep into understanding this system and how to master Perfect Parry (Perfect Guard) in Lies of P.


Understanding the Guard System in Lies of P

There are two primary ways to defend yourself in “Lies of P”:

  1. Guard: This is your basic block. When you guard, you’ll reduce the damage you take, but you won’t negate it entirely.
  2. Perfect Guard: This is a timed block. If you nail the timing, you’ll block the attack entirely, taking no damage.

In addition to these, there’s a feature called Guard Regain. Think of this as a buffer. When you block an attack, some of the damage you would’ve taken gets stored in this buffer. If you counter-attack quickly enough, you can recover this buffered damage as health.

An interesting feature in “Lies of P” is the Guard Regain mechanic. This system allows players to recover some of the health they lost while blocking an attack. Here’s how it works:

  • When you block an attack, a portion of the damage you would have taken gets transferred to the Guard Regain state.
  • To recover this health, you need to attack any enemy before the Guard Regain state ends. This encourages players to switch between defense and offense fluidly.

Tips for Perfect Guard

Achieving a Perfect Guard means pressing the Guard button right as the attack is about to hit. Here are some tips to help you nail the timing:

  • Watch the Enemy’s Shoulder: Instead of focusing on the weapon, keep an eye on the enemy’s shoulder. When they pull back for an attack, wait for a brief moment and then press the Guard button.
  • Delay for Frenzy Attacks: Frenzy attacks have a slightly longer wind-up than regular attacks. Wait a bit longer before attempting a Perfect Guard.

Note: You can stagger enemies either by landing charged attacks or by executing multiple Perfect Guards. After several Perfect Guards, the enemy’s health bar will flash white. Land a charged attack during this time, and you’ll stagger them, giving you a prime opportunity to deal some serious damage.

Perfect Guard Video Presentation

How To Block Attacks In Lies of P

To block an enemy attack, Hold LB on Xbox, RMB on PC, and L1 on PS5 but remember that you weapon will take damage the most attacks you block. Eventually, your weapon will break from blocking attacks too many times. It is best to keep multiple strong weapons in your inventory but also purchase repair kits from vendors.

While you can block most attacks using the standard Guard action, there are certain powerful attacks, known as Frenzy attacks, that require a different approach. Frenzy attacks are telegraphed by enemies glowing red. These attacks can’t be blocked using the standard Guard. However, with a Perfect Guard, you can block even these powerful strikes. Successfully executing a Perfect Guard against a Frenzy attack ensures you don’t lose any health, only stamina.