NG+ has sort of become a tradition in modern-day RPGs. This basically allows you to begin a new playthrough while retaining a few elements. On top of that, the game gets significantly harder which is something a lot of people enjoy. You can also experience different endings in NG+ which is needed to Platinum the game. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about NG+ in Lies of P.


Lies of P NG+ Explained

Similar to Soulslike, Lies of P has a NG+ mode. You will need to complete the campaign at least once to begin NG+. Once you are in the NG+ mode, you will retain a few things from your earlier playthrough while others must be reacquired.

Things that Carry Over

As mentioned earlier, there are several things that carry over to NG+. Here is a brief rundown of everything you retain:

  • You will retain your player level, stats, skills, etc.
  • You will also retain your weapons, costumes, amulets, gestures, and Legion Arms.
  • Other than that, you will keep your P-organ upgrades as well as Ergo.
  • Lastly, you will also get to keep any Records that you collected in the earlier playthrough.

Aside from the things mentioned above, everything will reset when you launch NG+.

What Changes in NG+

There are several things that change in NG+. Here is everything that you can expect when playing the NG+ mode:

  • Elites, enemies, and bosses hit a lot harder.
  • You will also have a chance to acquire enhanced amulets, defense items, etc.
  • Every enemy you defeat will drop an increased amount of Ergo.
  • You will get access to Geppetto’s Tools in NG+ at the Krat Central Station.
  • The entire world will reset, letting you redo everything you have done in the earlier playthrough at an increased difficulty.
  • You will also have the option to completely respec your character by speaking with Sophia at the beginning of NG+.

This is everything we have on NG+ in Lies of P. If there is anything else that you would like to add, feel free to let us know in the comments down below!