Lies of P comes with multiple endings await players based on their choices and actions. One of the most sought-after endings is the Real Boy ending in Lies of P. It is a bit of grind considering you need to reach the 23rd boss in the game before you can complete the final steps for the Real Boy Ending. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve this ending, along with some bonus achievements and trophies.


How To Unlock the “Real Boy” Ending

  1. Defeat the Final Boss: Progress through the game until you reach the final area of Arche Abbey. Here, you’ll face off against the formidable boss, Simon Manus, Awakened God. Ensure you defeat him to move forward.
  2. Ride the Elevator: After your victory against Simon Manus, ride the elevator, which will take you to the “Under the Abyss”.
  3. Interact with Geppetto: Once you’re in “Under the Abyss”, you’ll encounter Geppetto. He will ask for P’s heart. To unlock the “Real Boy” ending, choose to “Give the Heart” to Geppetto.Note: Your choices throughout the game, whether lying, telling the truth, or deciding Sophia’s fate, won’t impact this ending. As long as you give P’s heart to Geppetto, you’ll achieve the “Real Boy” ending.
  4. Bonus Achievements:
    • The Story of One Father: After the end credits, before starting a new game cycle, head to Geppetto’s Study in Hotel Krat. On his desk, you’ll find a letter. Read it to unlock this achievement.
    • Pianist of Krat: On the ground floor of Hotel Krat, there’s a piano. Interact with it to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Note: Try to find as many Quartz and Handle Altering Materials to upgrade your weapons. This will help make the Simon boss fight easier.

Additional Tips for Other Endings and Achievements

  • Before making the choice with Geppetto, it’s wise to create a back-up save. This allows you to explore other endings without replaying the entire game.
  • If you’ve been lying throughout the game, you can unlock the Golden Lie Special Weapon. After listening to all available Records without interruption, interact with the Portrait in Geppetto’s Study. The nose on the portrait will grow, turning into this special weapon.
  • For the ‘Rise of P’ ending, choose “Refuse” when you return to the “Under the Abyss”. This will lead you to battle the Nameless Puppet. Your ending will vary based on your truthfulness or deceit throughout the game.
  • After the end credits, don’t start a New Game+. Instead, visit Hotel Krat and purchase the last Special Weapon from Explorer Hugo. This can be exchanged with the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo, unlocking the “Special Weapon Collector” achievement.
  • Lastly, in Geppetto’s Study, find and read “The Blue Butterfly’s Letter” to unlock the “The Story of the Blue Butterfly” achievement.


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