The Proof of Humanity is a unique and powerful weapon in “Lies of P”. This special weapon stands out not only for its capabilities but also for the intricate process required to obtain it. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you acquire the “Proof of Humanity” special weapon in Lies of P.


Overview of Proof of Humanity

  • Type: Special Weapon (Boss Weapon)
  • Description: The Proof of Humanity is a giant scissor blade used by the Nameless puppet. It’s a double-edged sword symbolizing the power to either end one’s freedom or grant it by severing the strings of manipulation. The weapon’s lore suggests that while puppets are bound by strings, humans have liberated themselves from such constraints. The boy, in his journey, made a pivotal choice and embraced his humanity.
  • Features: This weapon cannot be disassembled. It boasts unique Fable Arts, including the “Link Slash” which allows you to slash an enemy in front of you, using an extra Fable slot to slash up to three more times, and “Grind” which temporarily boosts your Critical Hit Chance.

How To Get Proof of Humanity In Lies of P

Choose the Correct Ending RoutesTo get the Proof of Humanity, you must be on either the “Free from the Puppet String” or “Rise of P” ending routes. These routes will lead you to confront the “true” final boss, the Nameless Puppet.
Lie System ScenariosThroughout your journey in Lies of P, you’ll encounter various Lie System Scenarios. Your choices here will determine the ending route you’re on. Remember, the Nameless Puppet only appears on the aforementioned ending routes.
Do NOT Give Geppetto Your HeartThis is crucial. When you reach “Under the Abyss”, Geppetto will request P’s Heart. You must refuse this request. Giving him the heart will trigger the “Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After” ending, preventing you from facing the Nameless Puppet.
Defeat the Nameless PuppetOn the correct ending routes, after refusing Geppetto’s request, you’ll be pitted against the Nameless Puppet. Ensure you defeat this formidable foe.
Trade with Explorer HugoAfter your victory against the Nameless Puppet, return to Hotel Krat. Here, you can exchange the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo with Explorer Hugo to finally obtain the “Proof of Humanity” special weapon.

Additional Tips

The “Proof of Humanity” is not just a weapon; it’s a testament to the choices you make throughout the game. Whether you choose to lie or tell the truth, each decision shapes your journey and the rewards you reap. Remember, in “Lies of P”, your choices matter, and the “Proof of Humanity” is a shining example of the impact of your decisions.


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