Lies of P players are faced with a myriad of choices that influence the game’s outcome. Among the multiple endings, the Free from the Puppet String ending stands out as a significant one, right alongside the Real Boy ending. This guide will walk you through the steps to achieve this ending, ensuring you make the right choices at crucial moments to get the Free From Puppet String ending in Lies of P.


How to Unlock the “Free from the Puppet String” Ending

  1. Always Tell the Truth: Throughout your journey in Lies of P, you’ll encounter various scenarios where you’ll be prompted to lie or tell the truth. To unlock this ending, always opt for the truth. This means during every Lie System Scenario, choose the truthful option. Note that the King of Riddles’ riddles are exceptions and don’t impact this ending.
  2. Interact with Sophia: As you progress, you’ll reach the Ascension Bridge. After defeating Laxasia the Complete, you’ll have a chance to speak with Sophia in her room. When presented with a choice, select “Let her live”.
  3. Confront Simon Manus: Continue your journey until you reach the Arch Abbey Cradle of the Gods. Here, you’ll face off against the final boss and later have a conversation with Simon Manus. When he inquires about Sophia, confidently state, “I liberated her from Arche Abbey”.
  4. Refuse Geppetto’s Request: After your boss fight with Simon Manus, ride the elevator to the “Under the Abyss”. Here, Geppetto will ask for your heart. To stay on the path to the “Free from the Puppet String” ending, firmly choose “Refuse”.
  5. Battle the Nameless Puppet: Refusing Geppetto’s request will lead you to a confrontation with the Nameless Puppet. Ensure you defeat this formidable foe to proceed.
  6. New Game+ (NG+): If you’re starting a New Game+ from the Stargazer at Hotel Krat, remember to always choose the Truth answers, just like in your first playthrough. Ensure you don’t give Sophia peace and inform Simon about it at the end of the game. When Geppetto asks for your heart, once again, refuse. If done correctly, Geppetto will express his resentment, stating, “You’re just a puppet”.

By following these steps and making the right choices, you’ll successfully unlock the “Free from the Puppet String” ending in Lies of P. Remember, every choice in “Lies of P” carries weight, so choose wisely and enjoy the narrative twists and turns that come your way.


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