King’s Flame Fuoco, a powerful boss in Lies of P, is a true test of skill and patience. This boss is known to mix up its attacks, keeping players on their toes. But with the right strategy and preparation, you can conquer this fiery foe. In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know on how to beat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P.


Countering King’s Flame Fuoco’s Attacks And Counters

King’s Flame Fuoco is known for his diverse range of attacks, each with its own unique pattern and impact. Here’s a breakdown of these attacks and how to effectively counter them:

1. Uppercut Punch

  • Description: Fuoco delivers a swift upward punch.
  • Counter Strategy: Either dodge backward or move forward into him, then counter-attack. Alternatively, you can block this move.

2. Uppercut Smash

  • Description: Fuoco punches upward and then smashes his fist back to the ground.
  • Counter Strategy: Block the initial punch and then quickly retreat to avoid the smashing blow.

3. Fist Floor Sweep

  • Description: Fuoco strikes the ground and sweeps in a radial pattern. This can be part of a combo and might be accompanied by heat.
  • Counter Strategy: Maintain an active guard to block this attack.

4. Fist Smash

  • Description: A direct punch to the ground by Fuoco.
  • Counter Strategy: Swiftly dodge to avoid this short-ranged attack.

5. Spinning Fist Lunge Charge

  • Description: Fuoco winds up his fist and then lunges forward, drilling with his spinning fist.
  • Counter Strategy: Sidestep his charge, as this is a linear attack.

6. Flame Thrower

  • Description: Fuoco releases a wave of fire from his cannon.
  • Counter Strategy: Stay close to Fuoco, as the flames generally spread outwards and upwards.

7. Overheat Punch

  • Description: A ground punch from Fuoco that results in an Area of Effect (AoE) Overheat attack.
  • Counter Strategy: Quickly dodge to move out of his immediate range.

8. Fire Cannon

  • Description: Fuoco launches fiery projectiles.
  • Counter Strategy: Sprint away to avoid the Overheat effects of the fireballs.

9. Fury Attack

  • Description: When agitated, Fuoco can transform his regular attacks into undodgeable Fury attacks.
  • Counter Strategy: Maintain a safe distance or employ a Perfect Guard to counter these intensified attacks.

King’s Flame, Fuoco Exploit Weaknesses

  • Electric Damage: Fuoco is vulnerable to electric damage. Stock up on electrical items like Throwing Cells, Electric Blitz Canisters, and Electric Blitz Abrasive. Use these items, especially during the second phase of the fight, for maximum damage.
  • Attack Opportunities: Fuoco’s missed attacks provide windows of opportunity. Capitalize on these moments with charged heavy attacks. Stay close to prevent Fuoco from using ranged attacks frequently.

Note: Farming Quartz and Blade Upgrade Materials early on helps with this boss fight.

King’s Flame, Fuoco Boss Fight Strategy

As you step into the furnace room to face King’s Flame Fuoco, you’ll immediately notice the pillars lining the room. These aren’t just decorative; they can be your shield during the battle. But if you’re aiming for a swift victory, it’s best to keep close to Fuoco. This closeness not only keeps you in the perfect range to strike but also helps you dodge those fiery ranged attacks he’s so fond of.


Now, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just want an edge, remember you have the option to summon a specter before the battle begins. This ally can divert Fuoco’s attention, giving you more opportunities to strike. The key here is aggression. Keep an eye on Fuoco’s fist; it’s the telltale sign of his next move. He’s a fan of punches, uppercuts, and wide swings. But don’t be intimidated. With the right stance, you can parry or block most of his moves. Just stand your ground and be ready.

Fuoco’s special moves are something to watch out for. He loves to show off with his fire cannon and fire fist. But here’s a secret: if you stay close to him, you can dodge these fiery onslaughts. Whenever he pulls back his arm, it’s your cue to either dodge or prepare to block. And if you make the mistake of distancing yourself, brace for his charge. But with a quick sidestep, you can avoid it and then unleash a series of attacks on him.

His flame-based moves might look intimidating, but they’re quite predictable. He can shoot fireballs, unleash Area of Effect attacks, or sweep the area with his flamethrower. If you’re caught in these flames, you’ll experience the Overheat status, which slowly chips away at your health. Always have a Purification Ampoule on hand to counteract this. And when Fuoco’s fiery temper shows, turning him red, brace yourself. His attacks in this state are relentless and can’t be dodged. Your best bet is to time your block just right for a perfect guard. If you miss, you’ll feel the brunt of his fury, pushing you back with significant damage.

But every boss has a weakness. For Fuoco, it’s when his health bar glows white. This is your moment. Ramp up your aggression, and if you can stagger him, you’ll have a chance to deliver a Fatal Blow, dealing massive damage.


Additional Tips

  • Summon a Specter: If the battle becomes overwhelming, summon a Specter. This NPC will divert Fuoco’s attention, allowing you to attack more aggressively. However, be aware that Fuoco’s AoE attacks can quickly damage the Specter.
  • Use the Environment: The arena has pillars that can shield you from Fuoco’s ranged fireballs. Proper positioning is crucial to avoid attacks and strategize your next move.
  • Final Phase: As the battle nears its end, Fuoco will employ a flamethrower attack. This provides a significant opening for players to deal damage.

While King’s Flame Fuoco is undoubtedly a challenging boss in Lies of P with the right strategy and preparation, you can easily beat this boss.

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