Lies of P players can enhance their weapons using Handle Altering Materials. These materials, including Motivity, Technique, Advance, and Balance Cranks, play a pivotal role in boosting the attributes of your weapons, making them more formidable in combat. Some weapons can even scale up to an S rank with the help of these materials. Often, Dimensional Butterflies drop these precious items. Each weapon handle can be modified using Motivity, Technique, and Advance cranks. Additionally, Balance Cranks allow players to reset their handle’s properties, which can be especially handy when you want to change your weapon’s attributes.


All Handle Altering Material Locations In Lies of P

For your convenience I am going to split Handle Altering Material locations into different areas so you’ll know where to find these items when you visit different sections of the game.

Workshop Union Entrance

Location #1: After seeing a large crate fall and create a hole in the floor, drop down. Defeat any enemies you encounter. Head upstairs, and you’ll find a Dimensional Butterfly. Defeat it to get the Motivity Crank.

Venigni Works Control Room

Location #1: Starting from Venigni’s spot near the Stargazer, backtrack and walk on the iron beams towards the left. The furthest item you’ll find is the Technique Crank.


St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Location #1: After visiting the Stargazer, you’ll enter a room with four floor holes. Drop down any of them. In the room below, defeat the Dimensional Butterfly to get the Advance Crank.

Malum District

Location #1: Once you leave the Red Fox and Black Cat, enter the next building. Inside, you’ll find the Motivity Crank.

Estella Opera House

Location #1: While exploring the Opera House, you’ll find a dark room with a ladder. Descend and defeat the two hunter puppets. Then, defeat the Dimensional Butterfly to obtain the Technique Crank.

Location #1: From the Stargazer, once you’re outside, defeat the nearby Dimensional Butterfly to get the Technique Crank.


Abandoned Apartment

Location #1: In the area where you face the head-butting elite enemy, you’ll find the Motivity Crank on the main path.

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance

Location #1: From the Stargazer, head downhill. Near a bonfire, you’ll find the Technique Crank.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Location #1: After defeating a tiger scorpion enemy, climb the stairs and ladder. Right after the ladder, on a narrow ledge to your right, you’ll find the Balance Crank.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Location #1: After defeating the large Pinocchio toy enemy, climb the ladder. Defeat the Dimensional Butterfly to get the Balance Crank.


Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

Location #1: You’ll encounter two swordsmen on a bridge. To their left, there’s a side path. Be cautious of another hidden swordsman near a chest. Continue forward, and after activating a shortcut ladder, you’ll find the Advance Crank.

Location #2: Move past another swordsman and a gatling gun puppet. On the steel bridge, check your immediate right to find the Balance Crank.

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