Lies of P is a very challenging game, and you will want to get the best weapons as soon as possible in order to deal more damage and increase your chances of survival. In this Lies of P guide, we go over some of the best weapons that you can get early on.


Best Early Weapons In Lies Of P

The following are some of the best early weapons that you can get in Lies of P:

Greatsword of Fate Blade

This is the two-handed greatsword that you get for picking the Strength class or Path of the Sweeper when you first start the game. This is a slow weapon, but it deals a lot of damage, and you can even destroy enemies with its heavy-charged attacks. It also has the highest damage reduction while guarding. All damage that you take while guarding can be regained by attacking an enemy as long as you do not take additional damage.

Krat Police Baton

The Krat Police Baton is a great Motivity weapon that drops from the police puppet at the start of chapter 2. This enemy is on the main path that you take, and you will encounter him after the Lost Frgo Stargazer. The handle has a good move set, so you can take the handle and apply the Greatsowrd of Fate Blade handle on top of it.


Big Pipe Wrench

The Big Pipe Wrench scales with motivity and deals a lot of damage. The range is fairly limited, and this is a slow weapon. But again, the handle is pretty good, and you can use it to make a custom weapon. You can find the weapon near the end of chapter 3. Once you have defeated the boss, head through the mine tunnels until you reach an open area with a ladder. Go up the ladder, and you will find a chest with the Big Pipe Wrench inside.

Boost Glave

The Boost Glave is a great Technique weapon. You will find it during chapter 3, past the Workshop Union Stargazer. Heda down into the pit, and you will find a large puppet that is a miniboss. Behind the boss is a chest that you can open to get the Boost Glave. You do not have to fight the boss if you don’t want to. You can simply pass through its legs and quickly open the chest.

The blade is a greatsword blade, and the move set is great. Not to mention, the handle has massive technique scaling. The quick attacks have decent range and moment, but the charged attacks provide a lot of momentum and placement.

Electric Coil

The Electric Coil is a great Advance Weapon. It also scales decently with Motivity, so you can mix your stats around. You can get the weapon from Inside the House Stargazer in Chapter 2. In the room beside you, you will find a Wandering Merchant who will sell the weapon to you for 1200.


Many of the enemies that you face off against early on are weak against shock damage; since the Electric Coil deals shock damage, this is a great weapon to have. It is actually one of the few actual Advance weapons that you get access to at this stage of the game.

These are some of the best weapons that you can get early on in Lies of P. If you are interested in learning more about the game, then you can check out our guide on the best Advance build. For more content, check out our Lies of P guides hub.


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