As you begin your journey in Lies of P, you’ll soon discover the P-Organ skill tree. Early in your adventure, you’ll collect items called Quartz. These are crucial because they fit into the P-Organ. At the start, you’ll use two Quartz to activate a full skill slot. But as you delve deeper into the game, you’ll need more Quartz for each slot.


Two skills shine brightly at the outset: Link Dodge and Increase Pulse Cells 1. Link Dodge lets you swiftly dodge twice in a row, helping you sidestep enemy blows. Meanwhile, Increase Pulse Cells 1 gives you an extra Pulse Cell, essential for healing. A smart move would be to first use two Quartz on Increase Pulse Cells 1, and then another two on Link Dodge.

Note: Refer to our Quartz Locations guide to find all Quartz in Lies of P.

But there’s a bonus! Every time you place a Quartz in the P-Organ, you can choose a buff. Here are some top early-game buffs to think about:


Best P-Organ Abilities In Lies of P

Increase Pulse Cells (Survival Type)

Having more Pulse Cells is like having more lifelines in battle. As you enhance your P-Organ, these three levels of the ability should be on your radar. And there’s a bonus: by aligning with specific synergies in the P-Organ, you can secure two additional Pulse Cells. Don’t miss out on these as you progress.

Enhance Fable Arts ATK 1 (Attack Type)

This ability amplifies the damage of your Fable Arts. It’s especially handy when you’re up against formidable foes and bosses. A boosted Fable Art can quickly turn the tide in your favor, especially when you’re in a tight spot.

Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 1 (Ability Type)

With this, you can unleash more charged attacks without draining too much stamina. Charged attacks pack a punch and can stagger enemies, making this a valuable ability to have.

Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery (Survival Type)

Boosting the healing power of your Pulse Cells can be a game-changer. This skill amplifies the health you regain from each Pulse Cell, making each one even more valuable. And just like with the Increase Pulse Cells ability, there’s an added boost available through a matching synergy in the P-Organ.


Lower Damage While Dodging (Survival Type)

Even the best players can get caught mid-dodge. This skill is your safety net. If an enemy manages to land a hit while you’re in the midst of a dodge, this ability ensures the blow isn’t as harsh. It might not give you the thrill of a flawless dodge, but taking less damage is always a win in our book.

Quick Cube Activation (Ability Type)

Wishstones are precious commodities, often reserved for dire situations due to their acquisition cost in Gold Coin Fruit. When the moment comes to deploy them, especially during high-stakes boss fights, you’ll want to act swiftly. The Quick Cube Activation upgrade significantly speeds up the deployment of your Cube, ensuring you can utilize your Wishstones promptly. This swift action can be the difference between victory and defeat in treacherous battles.

Legion’s Passive Recharge (Ability Type)

With the Legion’s Passive Recharge ability, your Legion bar will continuously and gradually refill. While the replenishment rate might seem leisurely, its consistent regeneration proves invaluable during extended exploration phases where resources can deplete. This ability ensures you always have a steady supply of Legion energy, even if it means taking a short break to let it fill up entirely.

Increase Staggered Duration 1 (Attack Type)

Staggering enemies can give you a significant advantage, and this ability ensures they stay staggered for longer. It’s particularly useful during early-game boss fights, giving you more time to land those crucial charged attacks.


Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance 1 (Ability Type)

From now on, every time you nail a perfect guard, your Fable Arts Meter will fill up. This means you can use Fable Arts more frequently, adding another layer of strategy to your combat.

P-Organ Buff Types Explained

The P-Organ isn’t just about abilities; it also offers buffs. These buffs are divided into four categories, each catering to different playstyles:

  • Attack Type: Enhancements related to attacks, like boosting Stagger or Fable Arts.
  • Defense Type: Concentrates on defense, offering benefits like additional Pulse Cells or increased damage absorption.
  • Ability Type: This category focuses on aspects like Perfect Guard, Weapon Durability, and the Legion.
  • Item Type: Here, you can increase the limits for Throwables and Consumables, or even boost your Ergo acquisition.

As you progress in the game, you might want to consider opting for more Throwables. They can be a game-changer, especially when dealing with swift enemies from a distance.


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