Lies of P is a very challenging game in which you will encounter tricky bosses. Getting your build in order is going to give you a massive edge in combat. In this Lies of P guide, I go over the best Motivity build that you should use to defeat enemies quickly.


This Motivity build is capable of devastating damage, but it does require some setting up. You will be able to one-shot most regular enemies and take out bosses in two to three hits.

Best Motivity Build In Lies Of P

The following are the stats, weapons, Legion Arms, Amulets, and P-Organ upgrades that we recommend for this Lies of P Motivity build.

Attributes (Stats)

Since this build relies on dealing high damage, your character is not going to have a lot of health or defense. You can think of it as a glass cannon build, meaning that you deal a lot of damage, but you take a lot of damage as well. The following are the stats that we recommend for this Lies of P Motivity build.

  • Vitality: 20
  • Vigor: 15
  • Capacity: 18
  • Motivity: 36
  • Technique: 36
  • Advance: 6

The Vitality and Vigor stats should give you just enough health and stamina to pull off attacks and avoid getting hit. Since the game prefers you to split your points between two stats rather than investing them all into one, we recommend splitting your points between Motivity and Technique.


You will make a custom weapon that combines the Big Pipe Wrench Head and the Krat Police Baton Handle. The Krat Police Baton Handle has a very impressive Fable Art that allows you to deal a lot of damage. The Fable Art also increases the damage of your next attack by around 50%, which is a massive boost. You can alter the handle to favor both Motivity and Technique for better scaling.

You will need the Big Pipe Wrench. You can find the weapon near the end of chapter 3. Once you have defeated the boss, head through the mine tunnels until you reach an open area with a ladder. Go up the ladder, and you will find a chest with the Big Pipe Wrench inside.

You will also need the Krat Police Baton Handle. It drops from the police puppet at the start of chapter 2.


Amulets allow you to push your stats even higher. The following are the ones that we recommend for this Lies of P Motivity build.

  • Strength Amulet: +4 Motivity
  • Technique Amulet: +4 Technique
  • Extreme Modifications Amulet: Increases weapon attack in proportion to the number of Fable slots.
  • Murderer Puppet’s Amulet: Increases damage inflicted on humans.

This combination will maximize your damage for this build. You can swap amulets when you are not maximizing damage, depending on the situation that you are in.

Legion Arm

Since this build does not involve using Legion Arms, you can pick the one that you like the most. If I were to recommend a Legion Arm, then I would recommend the Puppet String since it scales well with Technique and is one of the best ones in the game.

P-Organ Upgrades

You can basically pick any of the upgrades that you like. The following are the ones that I recommend since they seem to be the most important.

  • Add Fable Slots 1 and 2
  • Consumable slots increase
  • Enhanced Fable Catalyst Effect 1 and 2

How Does The Build Work?

You will use the maximum charge attack of the big wrench to deal damage, and you will also take advantage of multiple buffs in order to one-shot enemies. You will need 5 Fable slots for the Extreme Modifications Amulet and use the Grinder to get your weapon to maximum durability. Then, use the Electric Blitz Abrasive on your weapon to apply the shock element. Now activate the Krat police Baton Handle Fable Art for a 50% damage increase. Finally, use the triple charge Wrench combo for large amounts of damage.

This might seem like a lot of work, but once you do this a couple of times, you will see that this is a fairly quick and fast process, and it allows you to deal massive amounts of damage.

This is the best Lies of P Motivity build that we recommend. If you want to learn more, then you can check out our guide on all costume and outfit locations. You can check out our Lies of P guides hub for more content.