Lies of P is a very challenging game and dying is inevitable. If you have played a souls game then you have an idea of what you are getting into. In this Lies of P beginner’s guide, we go over some useful tips and tricks that will help you survive.


Lies Of P Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful Lies of P tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to help you survive.

Which Starting Class Should You Pick?

Lies Of P Tips And Tricks Starting Class

The balance class is going to be the best for most people due to the sword and damage mitigation when blocking. Since combat is not fast in the start of the game, this class is going to be a bit more forgiving compared to the other two.

You Can Gain An Additional Pulse Cell (Potion)

Potions in Lies of P are called Pulse Cells, and they allow you to heal. A cool feature of the game is that once you are out of Pulse Cells, you can deal damage to enemies to fill up a pink gauge. Once that gauge is full, you gain an additional Pulse Cell. You can only carry one of these at a time, but you can use it and then progress towards gaining another one by dealing damage to enemies.


This is a nice feature that allows you to continue on without having to rest, but since it depends on dealing damage to enemies, it does require you to perform well.

Use Grindstones To Maintain Weapon Durability And Apply Special Effects

As you use a weapon, it is going to become less durable and wear down. You can use a grindstone to increase its durability and be more effective in combat. Furthermore, you can use special grindstones to apply special effects. The Flame Grindstone, for example, allows you to do fire damage with your weapon for a short period of time.

Defeat the King’s Flame, Fuoco boss located in Vegnini Works, to gain access to grindstones in Lies of P.

Manage Your Legion Arm Usage

Your legion arm meter is the yellow bar on the left bottom corner of the screen. Using this ability will consume a portion of the bar. This only regenerates when you rest, so you will need to manage when and how you use it.


The Puppet String legion arm, for example, allows you to pull enemies towards you. This can be very handy in combat. Since you can only use the ability a number of times between rests, you should save it for when you actually need it the most rather than spamming it.

Break Enemies For Devastating Damage

Attack enemies, and when you deal enough damage, their health bar will turn white. This means that the enemy is about to break. We recommend doing a charged attack to open up enemies to a devastating counterattack. You can speed up the process of breaking enemies by using your heavy attacks.

Make Enemies Fight One Another

Puppets are not the only enemies that you find in Lies of P. You will also encounter infected humans that act like zombies and are hostile. You can often bait these zombies into fighting puppets, and when that happens, sit back and let them fight. You can then proceed to finish off whoever is left.

You Can Backtab Outside Of Stealth

Backstabs deal a massive amount of damage and can even one-shot enemies. You should know that this ability is not limited to stealth alone. You can pull off a backstab during combat and being able to pull this off is going to help you in the long-run.


Doing a backstab during combat is tricky, but try to get behind an enemy and bait it into attacking while you are behind it. If you can get the hang of it, then you will deal with most enemies rather quickly.

Recovering Chip Damage

When you block an enemy attack, you will get chip damaged. You can recover this health by dealing damage to the enemy. If you are hit twice then you will no longer be able to regain that lost health. Chip damage recovery only works for damage dealt while blocking. If you get hit normally then you will not be able to recover that portion of health by dealing damage.

Parrying Is Very Important

While most souls games allow you to block and dodge and you can do all that in Lies of P, the game really wants you to parry. Which makes parrying very important and something that you willl need to get used to.

Block at the last second to parry an attack. The parry window is pretty tight so you will need to practice. Parrying does contribute to the break system which allows you to do devastating counter-attacks. Parrying attacks can also break enemy weapons which reduces their attack reach.

Red attacks will need to be parried but if you are having a tough time then you can run away from these attacks as well.

Fable Arts Do Not Have Hyper Armor

Fable Arts (special attacks) in Lies of P, do not give you Hyper Armor. This means that you need to make sure that you have an opening for these attacks. Enemies can attack and interrupt your Fable Arts.

What Do The Stats Mean?

  • Vitality – HP or health (influences guard regain)
  • Vigor – Stamina
  • Capacity – Carrying capacity
  • Motivity – Strength (enables heavier weapons)
  • Technique – Dexterity
  • Advance – Magic (kind of)

You Can Make Custom Weapons

Custom Weapons Lies of P

You can match blades and handles of the weapons that you have to create custom weapons. Both the blade and the handle will determine a Fable Art. The handle determines the basic moveset of the weapons and its stat scaling. The blade will determine the damage type, damage element, attack speed and guard mitigation.

These are the tips and tricks for Lies Of P that will help you survive. If you want to learn more check out our guide on how you can respec. You can also check out our Lies of P guides hub.