In the city of Krat within Lies of P players will encounter various decision points where they must choose between speaking the truth or telling a lie. Depending on how you choose to respond to NPCs you’ll get the final ending in Lies of P.


Players are advised to either consistently lie or consistently tell the truth throughout a single playthrough. Mixing choices offers no advantages. Committing to one path (either truth or lie) can yield unique rewards, such as special weapons, gestures, and items. Some choices labeled as “Lies” or “Truths” may not be strictly true or false but are associated with the respective paths.

All Truth And Lie Dialogue Options In Lies of P

LocationSituationTruth or Lies
Elysion Boulevard Window WomanA woman in a window asks you to find her babyLie: That’s a lovely baby.
Truth: That’s merely a puppet.
First Meeting with AlidoroAlidoro the Hunter inquires about a safe place.Lie: Venigni Works.
Truth: Hotel Krat.

Follow-up (if you lied):

Lie: Elysion Boulevard.
Truth: Hotel Krat.
Julian the GentlemanJulian asks about his wife’s belongings.Lie: She left a message saying she loves you.
Truth: I’ve never witnessed such an event.
Antonia/PolendinaAfter defeating the King of Puppets, converse with Antonia.Lie: Absolutely.
Truth: Nothing remains.

Follow-up with Polendina:

Lie: Such a puppet doesn’t exist.
Truth: Present the wedding ring (available if you completed Julian’s choice).
Simon Manus at Grand ExhibitionPost defeating Champion Victor, engage in a chat with Simon Manus.Lie: Beasts.
Truth: A potential remedy.
Eugenie’s GlovesDeliver gloves to Alidoro and report back to Eugenie.Lie: He was pleased.
Truth: He was upset, criticizing the gloves.
Belle’s RequestBelle asks you to locate her friend after an earthquake.Lie: He perished in combat.
Truth: He transformed into a creature.
Venigni’s DecoderAfter defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, Venigni provides a transmission.Lie: I couldn’t discern it.
Truth: Geppetto instigated the Puppet Chaos.
Eugenie’s InquiryAfter a particular event with “Alidoro,” converse with Eugenie.Lie: He seemed like a skilled Stalker.
Truth: The genuine Alidoro was slain by an imposter.
King of Riddles/ArlecchinoEncounter Arlecchino near a specific location.Lie: Mortal.
Truth: Marionette.
Sophia’s DilemmaPost defeating a boss, converse with Sophia.Lie: Grant her tranquility.
Truth: Allow her existence.
Geppetto’s QuestionUpon discovering Geppetto imprisoned.Lie: Affirmative.
Truth: Negative.
Simon Manus – Cradle of GodAfter a significant boss battle, Simon Manus inquires about Sophia.Choices (based on prior decision):

Lie: I granted her serenity.
Truth: I freed her from the confines of Arche Abbey.