In Lies of P players are often on the lookout for collectibles that not only enhance the gameplay experience but one of the most fun to find is Records. These vinyl discs, scattered throughout the game at various locations, offer players a chance to dive deeper into the story, revealing hidden tales and melodies that resonate with the game’s dark ambiance. Whether you’re on your first journey through the twisted streets of Krat or revisiting them in a New Game Plus (NG+), these Records are treasures waiting to be discovered.


Lies of P Record Locations In First Playthrough

House on Elysion Boulevard

Location #1 (Feel): When you’re near the Stargazer, you’ll walk on some rooftops. Soon, you’ll see a ladder leading down to a square. But wait! Before you go down, look to your right. There’s a window with a light on, and you can see a woman’s shadow. She seems sad. If you talk to her, she’ll ask you to find her lost baby.

To find her baby, keep going until you get to a place called Krat City Hall. Here, you’ll see two guys with swords near a water fountain. Beat them and then climb some stairs. On the right side, there’s a tough enemy guarding something. That something is the Broken Baby Puppet, which is what the woman lost. Once you have it, go back to the woman. You can either tell her, “That’s a cute baby” (which isn’t really true) or “That’s a puppet” (which is the truth).

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Location #2 (Divine Service): When you get to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library for the first time, look for Sister Cecile. She’s in a room on the left side, close to the Stargazer. After saying hello, you’ll notice a special item called the Holy Mark. It’s on a table near a room that has a safe. Make sure to pick it up and show it to Sister Cecile.


But there’s more to do! You’ll need to battle and win against the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Once he’s defeated, go back to where you found Sister Cecile. She’ll give you something called Cecile’s Written Confession. To read it, go to your Collectibles in the menu, find the Letters section, and open it up.

Malum District

Location #3 (Someday): When you’re at the Red Lobster Inn, there’s a special item you can buy from the Wandering Merchant. It’ll cost you 3,800 Ergo. To find this merchant, first, make your way through the inn until you come across a shortcut door that leads back to the Stargazer. Stand facing this shortcut door. Now, turn around. You should see a little ladder on the right side of this room. Climb it, and there you’ll find the Wandering Merchant ready to make a deal.

Estella Opera House Entrance

Location #4 (Fascination): When you step into the Opera House, you’ll want to head up the stairs to your right. Keep climbing until you pass a spider that’s singing its heart out. This path will lead you to a small hallway with two doors. One of these doors can be unlocked, revealing a room where Adelina the Actress is waiting. But before you chat with her, make sure you have a Red Apple in your collection of items. If you don’t, you’ll need to take a trip back to Hotel Krat and purchase one from Polendina for 1,000 Ergo. Once you have the apple, go back to Adelina and hand it over when she asks. After that, continue your journey in the Opera House. You’ll eventually face off against the King of Puppets. Once he’s defeated, make your way back to where Adelina was. There, on the ground, you’ll find the Fascination Record. But be careful! If you forget to give Adelina the Red Apple, she won’t leave the record behind, and you’ll miss out on adding it to your collection.

Grand Exhibition Conference Room

Location #5 (Quixotic): Once you’ve successfully defeated Champion Victor, keep moving forward in your journey. Soon, you’ll come across the familiar faces of the Red Fox and Black Cat. They’ll have a request for you: they want some Gold Coin Fruit. If you agree to share some with them, they’ll show their gratitude by giving you a special Record. So, if you have some Gold Coin Fruit to spare, it’s a good trade to consider.


Hotel Krat

Location #6 (Why):

While wandering through the Grand Exhibition Gallery, you’ll stumble upon Belle. Engage in a conversation with her. Once you’ve bested the Champion Victor boss, Belle will decide to make Hotel Krat her new hangout spot. As you progress in your journey, you’ll gather clues on unlocking a hidden passage behind Antonia’s portrait. Once you have this knowledge, approach Belle again. She’ll have a favor to ask: she’s worried about her friend and wants you to find him.

To fulfill her request, use the fast-travel option to head straight to Krat Central Station. From there, take a right and descend the nearby stairs. But here’s a trick: once you’re down, turn around and step into the train car. Inside, you’ll find an NPC who will hand over a collectible item to you.

With the item in hand, head back to Hotel Krat and seek out Belle for a chat. During your conversation, you’ll have to make a choice. You can either tell her that her friend met his end in battle, which isn’t entirely true, or reveal the heartbreaking truth that he transformed into a monster.


Location #7 (Far East Princess): Once you’ve faced and defeated Alidoro in the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field, make your way back to the familiar surroundings of Hotel Krat. There, seek out Venigni’s expertise to unravel the secrets of Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. After he’s done, take a moment to delve into the Decryption found in your Collectibles menu. With this newfound knowledge, approach Eugénie for a conversation. When presented with options, select the response, “I think he was just a talented Stalker.” Doing so will reward you with a unique Record.

Hermit’s Cave

Location #8 (Misty E’rA): While venturing deep into the cave, be on the lookout for a formidable opponent: an elite Decay enemy armed with a shield. Engaging in battle with this foe won’t be easy, but once you defeat it, you’ll be rewarded with a special Record. So, muster up your courage and skills, and claim your prize.

Note: You need to complete a few steps to unlock Hermit’s Cave.

Ascension Bridge

Location #9 (Memory of Beach): Once you’ve triumphed over Laxasia The Complete, make your way back to Hotel Krat. Upon your return, you’ll discover the somber news of Antonia’s passing. To find a memento of her, head to Geppetto’s Study. There, on her wheelchair, you’ll find a special Record. However, a word of caution: this Record can be easily missed. To ensure you obtain it, you must have previously asked Giangio to create the Cure for Antonia after your victory against Champion Victor. Furthermore, you should guide Polendina to give the cure to Antonia. After these steps, engage in a conversation with Antonia, and she’ll express her gratitude and relief.

Location #10 (Shadow Flower): Once you’ve managed to defeat Laxasia The Complete, venture into Sophia’s bedroom. Here, you’ll be faced with a choice regarding Sophia’s fate. Opt to “Give her peace.” After making this decision and acquiring the ‘Entreat’ gesture, turn your attention to the armchair nearby. There, you’ll discover the Record you’re seeking. However, a word of caution from personal experience: during a playthrough centered on Truth, this particular Record was nowhere to be found on the armchair. It only made its appearance during a Lie-focused playthrough, specifically after choosing to give Sophia peace and subsequently receiving the ‘Entreat’ gesture.

All New Game+ Record Locations In Lies of P

Cerasani Alley

Location #1 (Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1): As you journey through Cerasani Alley, you’ll come across a stargazer. Nearby, the Wandering Merchant awaits, ready to offer you various items. Before you face off against the Parade Master, the main boss of this area, approach this merchant. He has a special Golden Record available for purchase, priced at 6,000 Ergo. But be vigilant! A word to the wise: this Record can easily slip through your fingers. The Wandering Merchant has a habit of vanishing as you progress in the game. So, to avoid any regrets, make sure to buy the Record while you still can.

House on Elysion Boulevard

Location #2 (Quixotic): While exploring Elysion Boulevard, you’ll find a stargazer inside a house. Close by, the Wandering Merchant sets up shop, this special Golden Record can be acquired for a sum of 10,000 Ergo.

Lorenzini Arcade

Location #3 (Shadow Flower): This Golden Record can be purchased from Wandering Merchant for 10,000 Ergo.

Abandoned Apartment

Location #4 (Memory of Beach): This Golden Record can be purchased from Wandering Merchant for 10,000 Ergo.

Hotel Krat

Location #4 (Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1): Once you’ve successfully defeated Alidoro in the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field, make your way back to the familiar surroundings of Hotel Krat. Seek out Venigni and present him with Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, urging him to decipher its contents. After he’s done, take a moment to delve into the Collectibles menu and read the freshly decrypted message.

Your next stop? Eugénie. Engage her in conversation and when the moment feels right, reveal to her, “He was Eugénie’s older brother.” This revelation not only earns you a Record but also deepens the lore of the game. If you take a moment to refresh the area at the Stargazer and then return to converse with Eugénie once more, you’ll be rewarded with the :bronze: The Story of a Stranger Girl achievement. A testament to the intricate tales woven throughout the game.

Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance

Location #6 (Fascination): You’ll come across a significant location known as the Arceh Abbey Outer Wall. As you navigate this area, keep an eye out for a vertical chamber distinguished by two central beams. Make your way to the very bottom of this chamber. Here, you’ll find an elevator. Brave the traps and ride this elevator down. At its lowest point, you’ll be greeted by Test Subject 826. Engage in a conversation with him to acquire a unique Gesture.

But that’s not the end of your interactions with this mysterious figure. After you’ve bested the upcoming main boss, retrace your steps to the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance. Here, you’ll once again encounter Test Subject 826. Starting from the Stargazer, descend the stairs and venture to the street’s end, passing through a shortcut gate. Push forward until you reach a bridge that overlooks Rosa Isabelle Street. It’s here that you’ll find Test Subject 826 once more, and this time, he has a Golden Record available for purchase.