Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO₄ silicon-oxygen tetrahedra. It is one of the most abundant and widely distributed minerals on Earth’s surface. Quartz is renowned for its many varieties, including the beautiful gemstones like amethyst and citrine. It has been used for various purposes throughout history, from tools in ancient times to modern technological applications, such as in electronics and timekeeping.


What Are Quartz In Lies of P

In the world of “Lies of P,” Quartz takes on a unique significance. It’s not just a mineral; it’s a vital resource that plays a central role in the game’s progression. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Role of Quartz: In “Lies of P,” Quartz is a special material required to unlock abilities and improvements for your character. It functions as an essential component for the P-Organ system, which acts like a skill tree, allowing players to enhance their character’s capabilities.
  • Obtaining Quartz: Quartz is a rare and challenging material to find in the game. It is often rewarded to players upon defeating minibosses scattered throughout the game. However, not every miniboss drops Quartz; for instance, human minibosses might drop costumes or accessories instead. Additionally, some strong enemies, even those without a significant boss health bar, might carry Quartz. Hence, players are advised to defeat every formidable foe they encounter to increase their chances of obtaining this precious resource.
  • Usage of Quartz: The P-Organ system in “Lies of P” requires Quartz to activate various latent abilities. These abilities can significantly alter the gameplay, offering players strategic advantages. Given its rarity, players must be judicious in their use of Quartz, ensuring they invest it in abilities that align with their gameplay style and strategy.

All Quartz Locations In Lies of P

I am going to split quartz locations into different areas to make easier for you to find them all.

Workshop Union Entrance

Location #1: Beat the Workshop Union Entrance and it will drop the first quartz in Lies of P.


St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

Location #1: Once you’ve lowered the brazier, effectively dispelling the Decay at the tower’s base, proceed further. You’ll come across a peculiar cell doll. Upon opening it, brace yourself for a surprise enemy encounter. Overcome this foe to secure your Quartz.

Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard

Location #1: So, you’ve climbed to the top of that rickety wooden tower at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel? Nice! Give that brazier a good kick to clear out the Decay pool below. Once that’s done, head down and grab the Crafted Cryptic Vessel from the underground chamber. Now, it’s time for a little detour. Swing by Hotel Krat and have a chat with Venigni. He’ll help you make sense of that Cryptic Vessel. After he’s done his magic, you’ll get a task: there’s a puppet hanging from the Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard that needs a good whack. The easiest way? Fast travel to Krat City Hall stargazer and stroll back. Toss a sawtoothed wheel at the puppet, and voila, you’ve got your second clue – a Letter with the Refuge’s Address and a snapshot of where you need to head next. Teleport using the Krat City Hall stargazer to Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer. Once you’re out of the house, balance your way across the beam. Before you get swarmed by puppets, there’s a door on your right. That’s the one! Head inside, pry open that safe, and grab your well-earned Quartz.

Malum District

Location #1: You’ll stumble upon a bustling square filled with foes, and yeah, watch out for those pesky ones tossing Decay from the higher ledges. Looking for the Quartz? Peek inside the building that’s got its doors wide open and crates just sitting at the entrance. Dive into that chest, and there you have it – another Quartz for your collection!

Malum District Town Hall

Location #1: Beat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood head inside the hideout to find a chest behind the counter.


Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Location #1: Starting at the Stargazer, take a leap of faith into the sewers below. You’ll soon hit a crossroad. Don’t overthink it; just head straight and take a daring drop through the hole beneath. Surprise! You’ll land right on an unsuspecting enemy. Keep trailing the pipe, and soon enough, you’ll spot that chest you’re after. Grab your Quartz, and then climb the nearby ladder. It’s a nifty shortcut right back to the Stargazer. Ready for round two? Dive back into the sewers, and this time at the fork, choose the pipe that leads upwards and out.

Hotel Krat

Location #1: Head over to Polendina’s shop. But here’s the catch: you’ll first need to give his shop a little upgrade. To do that, grab the Sturdy Krat Supply Box tucked away at the Grand Exhibition Gallery. Wondering where to find it? Just search for a chest near the handy shortcut ladder that leads back to the Stargazer. Once you’ve got the box, Polendina’s shop will level up you can buy your Quartz there.

Location #2: Time for nother shopping trip to Polendina’s. He’s got a special Quartz, but there’s a catch. First, you’ll need to bring back the Special Krat Supply Box from the Collapsed Workshop Tower. If you’re wondering where to find it, here’s a clue: start by looking near two fire-spitting puppets. Once you’ve navigated through the house filled with sword-wielding foes and made your way to the rooftop, keep going down. You’ll encounter another fire-spitter. Just breeze past him, and you’ll stumble upon a chest. Inside? That’s right, the Special Krat Supply Box. Return it to Polendina, and that Quartz is all yours!

Estella Opera House Entrance

Location #1: Head to the room with the swinging chandelier. Once you drop down, you’ll spot a Trinity Sanctum right behind you. But there’s a twist: to get inside, you’ll need the Trinity Key. And how do you get that? The King of Riddles over at the Grand Exhibition Gallery has a riddle for you. Crack it, and the key is yours. Here’s a hint: think of something that lights up the dark. Got it? It’s a Candle. Once you’ve got the key, come back to the sanctum, and the Quartz is yours.


Barren Swamp

Location #1: Right by the Stargazer, you’ll find a Broken Puppet looking for some entertainment. He’s got a thing for Gestures. Show him the moves he’s eager to see, and he’ll reward you with a Quartz. Simple as that!

Location #2: You’ll encounter a Puppet of the Future. Once defeated, it’ll drop a Quartz as a parting gift.

Location #3: There’s another Puppet of the Future lurking around. Take it down, and just like its counterpart, it’ll leave behind a Quartz for you to collect.

Krat Central Station Platform

Location #1: Starting from the Stargazer, take a leap to your left into the decay-infested zone. But before you get too comfortable, keep an eye out for a chest. That’s where you’ll find your Quartz. Oh, and a quick tip: don’t forget to take out that pesky fungus causing all the Decay. It’ll make your treasure hunt a whole lot easier.

Barren Swamp Bridge – Hermit’s Cave

Location #1: Find Hugo near a mysterious gate right behind the Stargazer. He’s got a tale to tell about his burning desire to pass through that gate. Lend him an ear, and once he’s done, chat him up a bit more. He’ll hand over two items, one of which is the Cryptic Vessel. Now, it’s time for a trip to Hotel Krat to see Venigni. Later in your journey, when you’ve secured the Special Krat Supply Box from the Collapsed Workshop Tower, swing by Polendina’s shop. Trade in the box and purchase the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Hand this over to Venigni, and when you return to Hugo’s gate, you’ll find it invitingly open. Head in, and after a daring drop through a rooftop hole, a chest awaits with your prize inside.

Location #2: You will find one Quartz inside a safe at the end of the cave.

Krat Central Station Street

Location #1: Beat Corrupted Parade Master.

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance

Location #1: Beat Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Location #1: As you navigate to the room with those distinct twin beams at its center, make your way down to the very bottom. Here, you’ll discover the elusive final Trinity Sanctum. But there’s a catch: to get inside, you’ll need to have unlocked all the previous Trinity Sanctums. The last Trinity Key is your ticket in, and you can snag it by having a chat with the telephone near the Krat Central Station Street stargazer. If you’re feeling a bit lost, check out the guide on “Lies of P All King of Riddles Locations and Solutions” for some pointers. Once you’ve unlocked the sanctum, you’ll meet Arlecchino inside. Have a chat, and whether you decide to be honest or spin a tale, you’ll walk away with the Quartz in hand.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Location #1: Dropped by big wooden Pinocchio toy. Easy to find as it pretty visible in the area.

Location #2: You’ll find yourself in an area guarded by two towering swordsmen on a staircase. Once you’ve dealt with the second swordsman, look for a ladder and descend. From this point, take the side route. Tread carefully; the path is littered with traps. And be ready for a showdown – a foe armed with a gatling gun awaits on the other side.

Abandoned Apartment

Location #1: During your exploration of Arche Abbey Broken Rift, you’ll find yourself in a mist-covered inner section. After scaling a ladder, you’ll spot a fork in the path with a menacing Harlequin elite to your left. Instead of confronting him, continue straight ahead. Take a left turn where another adversary stands guard over a chest. Inside that chest? Your sought-after item. With the Cryptic Vessel in hand, make your way back to Hotel Krat and hand it over to Venigni. To crack its secrets, set your sights on the Abandoned Apartment stargazer. Ascend the stairs and step outside. Navigate across the sign, but hold off on passing through the gate. Instead, edge around the chasm, carefully treading on a narrow rock path. After this rocky stretch, veer right and then left into the street. Your destination is the staircase furthest from you. Once there, arm yourself with the Frozen Feast weapon (which you can get in exchange for the Reborn Champion’s Ergo, dropped by the main boss, Champion Victor). With weapon in hand, strike up a conversation with the Wandering Merchant, and he’ll reward you with the Quartz.

Ascension Bridge

Location #1: You’ll eventually encounter an enemy known for its chilling screams. But don’t let that deter you. Near this eerie foe, there’s a chest waiting to be discovered. Open it up, and inside, you’ll find the Quartz you’re searching for.

Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

Location #1: Dropped by an Elite Disruption Enemy as you move forward on the bridge.

Barren Swamp

Location #1: At the Stargazer, you’ll find the Broken Puppet waiting for some entertainment. He’s still into those Gestures! This time, he wants to see the ones you haven’t shown him yet. Put on a little performance, show him the remaining gestures, and he’ll reward your efforts with a Quartz.

Note: More locations to come soon.