Lies of P gestures play a significant role in enhancing the gameplay experience. These gestures are not just for show; they are essential for unlocking the “Learning about Emotions” achievement. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find all the gestures in Lies of P.


All Gestures List

  1. Krat Central StationSit
  2. Hotel KratShow Off Clothes
  3. Elysion Boulevard EntranceRemembrance
  4. Workshop Union CulvertStalker’s Promise
  5. Venigni Works Control RoomFear
  6. Hotel KratSwagger
  7. St. Frangelico Cathedral LibraryPray
  8. Malum District Town HallTaunt
  9. Hotel KratClap
  10. Rosa Isabelle Street CulvertSad (Note: This gesture is missable if you tell Julian the truth. It must be obtained during the Lie playthrough.)
  11. Grand Exhibition GalleryRespect
  12. Grand Exhibition Conference RoomBeg
  13. Hotel KratGreet (Note: This gesture is missable and can only be obtained if you had Giangio craft the medicine for Antonia after defeating Champion Victor and telling Polendina that he should give the medicine to her.)
  14. Hotel KratAnger
  15. Arche Abbey Outer WallHappy
  16. Ascension BridgeEntreat (Note: This gesture is easily missable. Ensure you give Sophia peace.)

Gestures in Lies of P can be acquired in various ways. Some are obtained by simply progressing through the story, while others require completing side quests or reading specific letters. It’s essential to note that not all gestures can be earned in a single playthrough. Some gestures are tied to specific Lie or Truth answers, so players might need to play the game multiple times to collect all of them.

All Gesture Locations

GestureHow To Get
SitUnlocked by default.
Check GroundUnlocked by default.
Show Off ClothesSpeak with Antonia after getting to Hotal Krat for the first time.
RemembranceElysion Boulevard Entrance – Shortly after entering the area, you’ll notice two puppets. These aren’t your ordinary puppets; they throw electric bombs, so be cautious. Continue your journey across the rooftops. As you make your way, keep an eye out for a ladder on your right. This ladder is your ticket to the rooftops above.

Once you’ve climbed to the rooftops, you’ll be greeted by two more puppets. Engage them in combat and ensure they’re defeated before you proceed. At the end of the second rooftop, you’ll find a hole. Carefully drop down into it. Inside, another puppet awaits. Defeat it to ensure a safe exploration of the room. After dealing with the puppet, exit the room and turn left. You’ll find another room, distinguishable by a white couch. Inside this room, you’ll discover the “Frozen Man’s Letter.”

To unlock the gesture, open your Collectibles menu, navigate to the Letters section, and read the “Frozen Man’s Letter.”
Stalker’s PromiseUpon your initial encounter with the Red Fox and Black Cat, head up the staircase to their right. Progress through the adjoining rooms until you spot a gap in the floor. Descend through this opening and vanquish the Survivor awaiting below.
FearVenigni Works Control Room – Speak with Venigni at the Stargazer during your first meeting.
SwaggerBeat King’s Flame, Fuoco and exhaust all dialogue options with Venigni at Hotel Krat.
PraySt. Frangelico Cathedral Library – When you first get to St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, find Sister Cecile. She’s in a room to the left of the Stargazer. Grab the Holy Mark from a table near a room with a safe, then go back to Sister Cecile. After that, beat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Once you’ve done that, go back to where Sister Cecile was to pick up Cecile’s Written Confession. Then, open your menu, go to “Letters”, and read the confession.
TauntMalum District Town Hall – Beat The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
ClapHotel Krat – You can get this by bringing back the “Portrait of a Boy” found in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout. Just make sure you’ve already beaten the Eldest before you do this.
SadRosa Isabelle Street Culvert – To get this gesture, you’ll need to help out Julian the Gentleman, who you can spot right next to the Stargazer. When you chat with him, he’ll ask for your help in finding an item that belonged to his wife. As you make your way through Rosa Isabelle Street, keep an eye out for this special item – it’s right in your path and pretty hard to overlook. Once you’ve got it, head back to Julian. Now, here’s the crucial part: if you want the gesture, you need to tell him, “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you.” This is actually a fib. If you go with the truth and say, “I’ve never seen that happen before,” you’ll miss out on the gesture. So, remember, to snag this gesture, you’ve got to stretch the truth a bit!
RespectGrand Exhibition Gallery – Once you’ve bested Champion Victor and snagged the Saintess of Mercy Hall Key from Simon Manus, you’ll want to backtrack a bit. Head back the way you came and take a right, leading you down some stairs towards the greenhouse. Once there, you’ll find a gate. Use your key to unlock it, and inside, you’ll find a special statue. Interact with this statue, and voilà! You’ve just unlocked a new gesture.
BegGrand Exhibition Conference Room – After your visit to the Stargazer, keep moving forward. Soon enough, you’ll bump into the Red Fox and the Black Cat again. They’ll have a request for you: they’re in need of some Gold Coin Fruit. If you hand it over to them, they’ll show their gratitude by teaching you a brand new gesture. So, keep an eye out for that fruit and be ready to share!
GreetHotel Krat – Once you’ve triumphed over the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp, make your way back to Hotel Krat. There, you’ll want to have a chat with Antonia. She’ll reward you with a special gesture. But be cautious! You can only get this gesture if you previously had Giangio whip up the medicine for Antonia. This happens after you defeat Champion Victor and advise Polendina to hand the medicine over to her. If you missed these steps, you might miss out on this gesture.
AngerHotel Krat – Speak with Antonia after beating Corrupted Parade Master.
HappyArche Abbey Outer Wall – As you journey forward, you’ll come across a room that has two slender beams right in its center. Keep going until you reach the room’s lowest level. Here, you’ll find an elevator. Hop on and ride it down, but be wary of the traps that await you. At the end of this ride, you’ll meet Test Subject 826. Strike up a conversation with him, and he’ll reward you with a unique gesture. Keep an eye out and make sure not to miss this interaction.
EntreatAscension Bridge – Once you’ve triumphed over Laxasia The Complete, make your way into Sophia’s bedroom for a chat. But be cautious! This gesture can be easily overlooked. To secure this gesture, you need to select the option “Give Sophia peace.” If you choose to let her live, you’ll miss out on this particular gesture.


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