In Lies of P Cryptic Vessel are a unique item scattered across various locations. These vessels aren’t just for show; they hold clues that lead to valuable rewards. From the haunting halls of St. Frangelico Cathedral to the eerie depths of the Barren Swamp Bridge, each location offers a new challenge. But don’t worry! With the help of Venigni at Hotel Krat, you can decrypt these vessels and uncover their secrets. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newbie, this guide will help you find and solve every Cryptic Vessel puzzle in Lies of P.


St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

Cryptic Vessel #1

Location #1: When you’re near the Stargazer, keep moving until you can push a brazier off a ledge. After doing that, backtrack a bit to find a previously blocked underground staircase. Open the door at the end to discover your first Cryptic Vessel. Once you’ve defeated the Fallen Archbishop Andreus and returned to Hotel Krat, give this vessel to Venigni for decryption.

Vessel Solution: The clue from the decryption will guide you to a puppet hanging from the Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard. Toss a Sawtoothed Wheel at this puppet to get another clue. This clue, a letter, will have a picture showing where you need to go next. Head to the location shown, which is near the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer. Once there, find the right door before the puppets and open it. Inside, you’ll find a safe that holds Quartz and the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel Outfit.

Vessel Reward #1

Estella Opera House Entrance

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Location.

Location #2: While exploring the Estella Opera House, you’ll come across a dimly lit room with two ladders. Take the shorter ladder up to discover a chest that holds the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel. Hand this over to Venigni for decryption.


Vessel Solution: Head to the Cerasani Alley stargazer and descend the stairs. When you’re near the cliff, find a small barrel. Stand next to it and use the Check Ground gesture. This will reward you with a Legion Caliber and The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel Outfit.

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel reward location.

Barren Swamp Bridge

Old Cryptic Vessel Location.

Location #3: Before you get to the Stargazer, have a chat with Rookie Explorer Hugo. He’ll give you an item. Take this back to Hotel Krat and discuss it with Venigni to get your first clue.

Vessel Solution: Go to the Path of Pilgrim and enter a nearby house. Take the elevator down and, once at the bottom, head right and up a hill. Here, you’ll find a Slum Resident. Chat with him to get a key. Use this key to open a nearby shack and access a chest that contains two items.

Old Cryptic Vessel Reward.

Collapsed Krat

Rusty Cryptic Vessel Location.

Location #4: After reaching the top of a building with swordsmen, continue on the rooftops. Drop down near a fire-spitting puppet to find a chest with a special item. Take this item back to Hotel Krat and give it to Polendina. This will expand his shop. Now, purchase the Rusty Cryptic Vessel and give it to Venigni for decryption.


Vessel Solution: Go back to the Barren Swamp Bridge stargazer. The gate where you first met Rookie Explorer Hugo will now be open. This leads to the Hermit’s Cave. To solve this Cryptic Vessel, simply open the safe at the end of the cave.

Rusty Cryptic Vessel Reward.

Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field

Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel Location.

Location #5: After defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, continue uphill and have a conversation with Alidoro. It’s crucial to defeat Alidoro to get Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Once you have it, head back to Hotel Krat and give it to Venigni for decryption. After reading the decrypted message, talk to Eugénie and reveal the truth about her brother’s demise.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Location.

Location #6: From the Stargazer, keep moving until you find a ladder to climb. After climbing, you’ll see a fork with an enemy on your left. Instead of going left, go straight and then take a left where another enemy is guarding a chest. This chest contains the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. Take this item to Venigni at Hotel Krat for decryption.

Vessel Solution: Head to the Abandoned Apartment stargazer. Go upstairs and exit the building. Cross a sign, but before going through a gate, walk across a small rock piece. Then, take a right and a left into a street. Climb the stairs at the end. Equip the Frozen Feast weapon and chat with the Wandering Merchant to claim your rewards.

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Reward.


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