Lies of P gives you plenty of options when it comes to builds. You can go with a dex or strength build, but some of you might be interested in opting for an advance build. While some might claim that advance is not a viable option, it surely is, and you can complete Lies of P with an advance build. In this Lies of P guide, I go over the best advance build that you can use.


Best Advance Build In Lies Of P

The following are the stats, weapons, amulets, and legion arms that we recommend for this Lies of P advance build.


The following are the stats that we recommend for the Lies of P advance build:

  • Vitality: 30
  • Vigor: 20
  • Capacity: 21
  • Motivity: 9
  • Technique: 9
  • Advance: 39

You can invest further points in Advance. You can also continue to add points into Vitality or Capacity if you want to carry dual Legion Arms or want to use heavy weapons. Generally, you want to invest as many points as you can into Advance and Vitality to make this build viable.



The following is the combination that we recommend, but in general, you want a heavy weapon and a fast weapon.

  • Black Steel Cutter: You get this weapon later on in the game, but it is very effective and deals a lot of damage. The fable art of the weapon is very fast and allows you to do a lot of damage. It has S scaling with Advance, so the more points you have in Advance, the better.
  • Acidic Crystal Spear Blade: The spear works very well as a quick weapon and allows you to move in and out very quickly, which comes in handy when taking on bosses. The poison effects add on very quickly, allowing you to stagger enemies often. The fable art is not the strongest in the game, but it is a charged rush attack that has a lot of forward momentum. It has S scaling with Advance, so the more points you have in Advance, the better.

Legion Arms

Fulminis: You get this fairly early in Lies of P, and it has B scaling for Advance. Fulminis applies the electric status effect on enemies and allows you to stagger enemies much faster. It can be a bit tricky to use, but it can pop enemies into the air, and when they fall, you can deal damage.

Flameberge: This deals fire damage and can be very useful against a group of enemies since you can fire it while walking backward. It is not as effective against some bosses, but it does deal a lot of damage to mobs. Fire does damage over time, so you can quickly take out the Flameberge to apply the debuff to get damage over time.

Pandemonium: Pandemonium has A scaling for Advance and is very useful since it throws acid on the floor, and when enemies walk towards you, the effect is applied to them. You can level this up to unlock an explosion on it as well. Slower enemies are just going to die while trying to walk towards you in the acid.



  • Carrier’s Amulet +1: Increases the weight limit, allowing you to equip heavier gear.
  • Patience Amulet: Increases stamina recovery speed.
  • Blue Guardianship Amulet: Increases max HP, Stamina, and legion.
  • Iron Wall Amulet: Increases Physical Damage Reduction Rate


  • Link Dodge: Enables another doge in the middle of a dodge motion.
  • Add Fable Slots 1 And 2: Increase the maximum number of charged fable slots.
  • Increase Pulse Cells 1 And 2: Increases the maximum number of Pulse Cell uses.
  • Add Amulet Slots 1 And 2: Increase the number of amulet equippable slots.
  • Rising Dodge: Enables dodging when on the ground.
  • Enhance Pulse Cell Recover 2: Enahcnes the recovery effect of Pulse Cells.
  • Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness: Breaks the enemy’s stance when a perfect guard is successful.

This is the Lies of P advance build that we recommend. If you are interested in learning more, then you can check out our guide on how you can upgrade your weapons. For more content, check out our Lies of P guides hub.