While you get light runic attacks pretty early on in the game, heavy runic attacks are harder to get. Leviathan’s Roar is a cool heavy runic attack for the Leviathan Axe and in this God Of War: Ragnarok guide, we go over how you can get it.

Getting Leviathan’s Roar In God Of War: Ragnarok

The Leviathan’s Roar heavy runic attack can be found in Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim. You will visit this location as part of the main story.

From the camp, you need to take the path to Eastern Barri Woods, where you fight the Forest Ancient. If you have already defeated the boss then you need to head into the ruins on the right.

Jump to the next platform and then climb up and then drop down to the ground on the right. Once on the ground, you need to turn left and climb up the wall next to the brazier.

You will then need to do a bit of traversal but proceed ahead and you will find the chest that has the Leviathan’s Roar heavy runic attack inside.

This is how you can get Leviathan’s Roar in God Of War: Ragnarok. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Mists of Helheim heavy runic attack. For more content check out our God Of War: Ragnarok guides hub.

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