In order to catch the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus you need to level up. There are different ways of leveling up in the game but how can you do it quickly? In this Pokemon Legends: Arceus guide, we are going to go over how you can level up fast.

Level Up Fast In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

While farming wild Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus will give you XP that goes towards leveling up, it is a long process. The following are the different ways in which you can level up fast in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Fighting In The Arena

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Level

Once you have unlocked the arena you can fight against different trainers in order to gain experience and level up fast. The trainers get challenging as you progress and you will need a variety of Pokemon in order to win. If your Pokemon is knocked out then it will not get the experience.

Complete Story Missions

Completing story missions is a good way of earning experience that is going to help you level up. During the story missions, you will also encounter wild Pokemon that you will catch and battle against.

Complete Side Missions

Just like the main missions, side missions such as research requests will reward you with experience as you complete them. Furthermore, completing these side missions will allow you to explore new areas.

Items Can Reward You With Even More Experience

There are different items in the game that allow you to gain additional experience. You can use a Lucky Egg to increase the amount of experience that you earn from battles. Furthermore, you can use candies to level up your Pokemon.

Lucky Egg

Features such as XP share allow you to share experience between Pokemon. So your lower-level Pokemon get experience even when you use your higher-level Pokemon to defeat other pocket monsters.

Catch Or Defeat Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Level

You can encounter many Pokemon in the wild. Catching them or battling them is going to reward you with experience for the trainer and the Pokemon.

These are the different ways in which you can level up fast in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how evolution works in the game. For more content check out our Pokemon Legends: Arceus guides hub.

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