Myth Of Empires is out now and the game has become increasingly popular. You will need to level up your character in the game in order to enjoy it properly. In this Myth Of Empires guide, we are going to go over how you can level up fast.


Level Up Fast In Myth Of Empires

The following are the different ways in which you can level up fast in Myth of Empires:

Do Your Missions

It goes without saying that doing your missions is going to reward you with XP which is going to help you level up. Do your daily missions in order to level up. You can do the one that gives you the most XP three times and leave the other two.

Farm Grass

Early on in the game, you can take your sickle and head over to a river where there is a lot of grass and farm it.

Move To PvP Servers

The above two methods will allow you to get to level 20 fairly quickly. Once you are at level 20 you should move to PvP servers as soon as possible as you will get reduced XP if you stay in PvE servers.

Server Boost

Hovering over the level bar in your inventory will show you the level of the server. If you are 4 levels below the current server level, you will geet +10% XP. Use this to your advantage in order to level up as fast as possible.

Farm Trees, Rocks, And Clay With A Horse Wagon

Once you have reached level 27, we recommend you farm trees, rocks, and clay with a Horse Wagon. Do set the Horse Wagon to follow as farming on the horse gives you less XP.

Myth Of Empires Level Up


Once you have the resources that you need, you can earn XP by crafting. This is how you are going to get from level 28-40. The following is the XP that you can earn from crafting different items in the game:

  • Wooden plank – 16.5
  • Flagstone – 14.72
  • Square brick – 68.70
  • Square broad – 68.70
  • Bronze axe – 322.4
  • Bronze hammer – 322.4
  • Bronze sickle – 322.4
  • Bronze skinning knife – 322.4

Later on, you can use stone bricks and boards to make structures. We do not recommend building large gates as they are going to take too much time and are not going to be worth the wait. We also do not recommend crafting bronze weapons and shields in order to earn XP.

This is how you can level up fast in Myth of Empires. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can fertilize fields. You can also check out our guide on planting seeds.