As you progress through Lethal Company, you will come across a range of weapons to aid you in battle. One of the most sought-after weapons in Lethal Company is the Zap Gun. It essentially fires a continuous laser beam that also stuns the target. Finding the weapon, however, can be a bit confusing. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the Zap Gun in Lethal Company.


Lethal Company Zap Gun

The only way you can get the Zap Gun in Lethal Company is by purchasing it for Credits. To start farming Credits, you can sell Scrap from Moons like Titan, Rend, etc. as it very simple to do. Once you have 400 Credits, interact with the Terminal inside the Ship, go to Store, find the Zap Gun, and purchase it. You will be able to pickup the Zap Gun from the Store Drop Pod whenever you next visit the Moon.

If you are playing with another teammate, you should wait until Day Zero to get the best-possible price.

How to Use the Zap Gun

Once acquired, you will see that the Zap Gun uses battery — once it runs out, you will need to charge it at the Recharge Station. To use it, hold down the fire button which will release a continuous beam.

It has a very weird recoil pattern, making a little hard to control. You should also try to fire it on 45-degrees in order to improve its accuracy. Just like controlling the spray in games such as CS: Global Offensive, continue to drag the mouse in opposite direction of the beam to keep it on target.

From what we have tested so far, you should be able to use the Zap Gun for around 8-9 seconds before needing a recharge — you will notice a little smoke emitting out of it whenever it is on low battery. This should be more than sufficient for you to escape since it also stuns target.

Another important thing that you need to know is that the Zap Gun automatically targets anyone who is nearby — including teammates. To prevent this, be sure that there are some enemies nearby before firing it.

Lastly, there is currently a weird camera bug that can occur if there are allies behind you. Until a fix is deployed, you are forced to bear with it.

This is everything we have detailed on how to acquire the Zap Gun in Lethal Company. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!