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Lethal Company: How to Find and Use the Shovel?


Shovel is an incredible offensive tool in Lethal Company. Aside from easily eliminating smaller creatures, it also has a bunch of practical uses. Having the lowest weight among offensive weapons, the Shovel is an absolute must-have.

Acquiring the Shovel

In order to obtain the Shovel, you will need to use the Terminal. It costs 30x Scrap. You will need to type ‘Store’ and ‘Buy Shovel’ into the Terminal to confirm the purchase. After that, the Shovel will be delivered in your next batch of purchases when you land on the Moon.

How to Use

It is effective against smaller enemies, striking them until they are defeated. However, it is less useful against larger creatures like Eyeless Dogs, Forest Giants, etc. — effectiveness varies with different enemies:

ManticoilA single Hit.
Snare Flea1-3 Hits.
Flower Men2-3 Hits.
Hoarding Bug2-4 Hits.
Thumpers4-6 Hits.
Bunker Spider4-6 Hits.
Spore Lizard4-6 Hits.
Eyeless DogMust be stunned first with the Zap Gun.

Since it can knock out various creatures, it is particularly effective against Thumpers, Hoarding Bugs, Bunker Spiders, and Snare Fleas. When a Snare Flea attaches to a teammate’s head, you can use the Shovel to remove it, but be cautious of friendly fire. Moreover, the Shovel can destroy Spider Webs, disable Turrets by sending them into frenzy mode, etc.

Remember to try and gain an elevation advantage against creatures like Bunker Spiders and Thumpers, as they cannot reach higher grounds. As for Brackens, make sure to spot them before they reach you.

Lastly, the Shovel becomes a much stronger weapon when paired with the Zap Gun. This combination allows you to stun enemies with the Zap Gun before finishing them off with the Shovel.

Free Alternative

Road Signs, which can be found as free loot on the Moon, deal just as much damage as the Shovel. If you are unable to purchase the Shovel, we recommend using the Road Signs as a free alternative.

This should help you acquire the Shovel in Lethal Company. If there is anything else that you would like to know, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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