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Lethal Company: How to Find the Secret Submarine (Generator)


There are plenty of secrets hidden throughout various moons of Lethal Company. The most sought-after of these mysteries is the Secret Submarine. And while it is not clear what its purpose is as of right now, a lot of people speculate it has something to do with a future update. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the Secret Submarine in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Secret Submarine

The submarine is nestled beneath The Company building on the 71-Gideon moon, also known as the Company Building moon. It’s advisable to explore this area on the last day of your quota, as the Company generally offers higher rates for scrap at this time.

After leaving your ship, head towards The Company building. Turn left as you exit the ship. Between two shipping containers, you’ll find a hatch on the ground. Open the hatch and climb down the ladder to a secret area beneath The Company building. Walk along a beam to a dead end, then jump onto a platform. On this platform, locate and activate a hanging switch. This action will turn on the lights, revealing the secret submarine or generator.

On the back side of the landing platform, you can find a cable running from a generator to a place underneath the platform. This wire can guide you to the submarine’s location. The submarine is located on a shadowy platform, which might be difficult to spot without proper lighting or guidance.

This is everything we have got on how to find the Secret Submarine (Generator) in Lethal Company. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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