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Lethal Company: How To Get Stun Grenade (Tips For Using)


Just like the Boombox, Stun Grenade is also a key item in Lethal Company that you can get your hands on. The Stun Grenade can be used against the multitude of enemies trying to take you down. It can help you escape and fend off monsters or you can stun them and put up a fight.

How To Get The Stun Grenade In Lethal Company

Stun Grenades can be bought for 40 scrap or credits. This is done using your ship’s terminal which is your hub for purchasing and selling items in Lethal Company.. You’ll need to enter the command ‘store,’ type ‘stun’ (or ‘stun grenade’), and then confirm your purchase​​​​​​. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Press ‘E’ to access the console, then type ‘Store’ and press ‘Enter’ to open the store interface.
  • Once in the store, type ‘stun grenade’ into the text box and press ‘Enter.’ To confirm your order, type ‘CONFIRM’ and press ‘Enter’ again. If you wish to buy more than one Stun Grenade, you can specify the quantity by typing, for example, ‘stun grenade 3’ to purchase three units.
Use this console terminal to purchase the stun grenade.

Note: Stun Grenades are relatively expensive, especially early in the game. It might be more cost-effective to invest in other items like Flashlights and Shovels initially​​.

Once purchased, the delivery of the Stun Grenade occurs on the next moon you visit. You will be notified by a loud melody played by the delivery ship, signaling the arrival of your order. It’s recommended to do this on your company’s moon for safety, as no monsters will spawn there​​​​​​.

Upon the delivery ship’s arrival, approach it and press the ‘E’ button to pick up your Stun Grenade order​​​​.

How To Use The Stun Grenade Effectively

To use the Stun Grenade, equip it like any other item. You initiate its activation by pressing the left mouse button, which removes the pin. After the pin is removed, you have three seconds before it detonates​​​​.

Aim in the direction you want the grenade to go, and press the left mouse button again to throw it. The grenade will detonate three seconds after the pin is removed, emitting a loud explosion and a bright glow​​​​.

The Stun Grenade is particularly effective against enemies in close proximity, as it stuns them for a brief period. However, its effect is weaker or entirely ineffective against intangible or flying enemies like Earth Leviathan, Ghost Girl, Hygrodere, and Circuit Bees​​.

Be cautious not to look at the grenade when it explodes to avoid being stunned yourself​​. Stun Grenades are most effective against the following creatures:

  • Circuit Bees
  • Hygrodere
  • Earth Leviathan
  • Ghost Girl

Using the same Terminal you can also buy the Spray Paint Can in Lethal Company.

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