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LEGO Fortnite: How to Easily Farm Wood?

Knowing how to effectively farm Wood in LEGO Fortnite is an essential skill, as it is an important resource for building and crafting. However, getting this resource early can be a bit challenging. With this guide, you will understand everything you need to know about easily farming Wood in LEGO Fortnite.

Farming Wood

Wood in LEGO Fortnite is a versatile resource used for various purposes, such as building, crafting, etc. Here are all the different places where you can farm Wood:

  • Grasslands: You will find Normal Wood in Grasslands. You should be able to collect Wooden Sticks directly off the ground. If you wish to cut down the larger trees, you will need the Forest Axe.
  • Caves: Knotroot Wood is only found in caves. To collect it, you will need the Uncommon Forest Axe.
  • Biomes: You can gather Wood from different Biomes by collecting Wooden Branches lying on the ground, cutting Palm Trees, and cutting roots in caves, bushes, logs, etc.

When it comes to farming Wood, crafting a Forest Axe is vital. While the Common Pickaxe is useful for gathering Normal Wood, you will need to have the Uncommon variant of Forest Axe for Knotroot Wood found in caves. It is important to note that higher-rarity Forest Axe can speed up the process significantly. You should be able to use your fists on the smaller trees without the need of an Axe.

This is everything we have on how to easily farm Wood in LEGO Fortnite. If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

Arslan Tufail
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